Thank you, makings, Clitheroe Museum

Neighbour had a baby girl. I quickly knitted these cuties.
The generous Pat from Mille Fiori Favoriti sent the above package as I have been sending her used stamps! Wow! A book to write in with beautiful koi carp on the cover, 2 strawberry tea towels, a Christmas sewing pattern and a sweet card. Thank you Pat they are all wonderful. I have tried American strawberries for the 1st time this week and loved them- very like the English ones taste wise. I know Daughter will love the teatowels especially with their ric rac trim.
I am still trying to learn the dark art of crochet. You tube videos are a big help. This is a WIP so lots more colours to come from yarn stash. It is made in double crochet. I’d still love to be able to do a granny square one day.
Now for a trip out so get your sunglasses if the loud yarn colours hadn’t made you reach for them already. 🙂
Clitheroe Castle Museum in what was the Steward’s House dating from 1720 or earlier.
Info on the museum is here.
Other buildings are art galleries.
Window details.
The museum has just had a makeover.
I’m glad they kept things like the stairs and fireplaces. There was a sample of Victorian wallpaper preserved.
Love the window shutters.
I wonder how many room makeovers this fireplace has seen?
How the name Clitheroe evolved through time. “Clyder” means loose stones in Old English and “how” is Danish for hill. Or could it be even older originating in Celtic times with “clyd” and “dwr” meaning the crag by the water?
Just a few of the exhibits: geology of the area, a stuffed otter and the barbaric traps once used on them, a pair of bleachworkers clogs (the area has clog dancers as many mill workers wore clogs), and photos of the Clitheroe Kid -Jimmy Clitheroe! He was born on Highfield Road in Clitheroe in 1921 but only grew to 4ft 3 1.3m so could play a cheeky child on the radio.

I was very excited as I’ve been listening to the re-runs on Radio 7. You can find some here to listen to. Photos of everone can be found here. The radio show ran from 1957-1972.

The cast doing a signing.

Other famous people on display included Frank Whittle who had a couple of factories building jet planes in Lancashire (Clitheroe and Barnoldswick): JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings etc) who spent time writing while at Stoneyhurst College where his son Michael later taught; even the painter JMW Turner worked in the area.
The old kitchen. 3 fireplaces. The one on the right had a waterheater built into it. The middle one has a cooking range. The one on the left was a bread oven.
The store room for wine grain and perishable goods was in the basement where it was cool in the days before fridges.

It made me laugh that I had the same big fudge coloured mixing bowl that is on the centre of the dresser, and I use a ceiling airer here like the one above the range. Maybe some things don’t change in the kitchen -like good recipes.
Outside there were some beautiful flowerbeds.
Before I stop I’ll just share some of the details in the art gallery buildings.
Wood panneled seat under the leaded window.
Carriage archway, fireplace, door and windowframe.

Beautifully made door frame and paneling. Castle next time.

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