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First I have some “thank you” s for some dear friends.

Thank you Suzie for this wonderful parcel of goodies. I love the smell of the crochet pomander. The tray and needle book match beautifully. The crochet butterfly is so skillful and I love the colours on the butterflies. Thank you.
Thank you Ulla for this wonderful parcel of wool chocolates and a string tissue cover. What a wonderful string idea for the challenge. The purple wool is gorgeous and soft. Must think of a project to really show it off. Thank you.
There was a visitor to the garden this week. It’s known as a Red Herring in our house from when one of the children misheard Heron when they were little.
Do you think he knew we were trying these? Ulla and I are reading all the Swallow and Amazon books by Arthur Ransome. In “The Big Six” the boys go eeling and then smoke some unsuccessfully. As I had never tried eel, I was curious. Unfortunately none of us liked it and the heron had gone by then.
Today we went to the canal. I’ve been longing for weeks to have a real walk in nature.
Many more barges than in Winter.
The hounds liked it in the wood by the canal. Daughter has been walking them for me lately so they were excited to be in one of their old walking places.
Spanish bluebells Scilla.
They come in white pink and blue. The English bluebells are only blue.

Talking of bluebells- look at these lovely earrings made by Tracy of Pink Purl! She is on holiday at the moment but if you follow the link you’ll hear when she is back.
There’s something special about trees.
They make a peaceful atmosphere.
Where you just want to breathe slowly and savour it.
This little tree hollow reminded me of a huge hollow willow den I had as a kid. I could squeeze inside and be wrapped by the tree. If I looked up I could see the sky so it wasn’t a good den in the rain.
Here it smelt like lasagne.
Thanks to the garlic smell of this plant.
It was so good to see the woods waking up.
Thank you Tracy for this wonderful brooch which you sent with the bluebell earrings.
It’s almost the same colour as the violets.
Red campion
Dandylion seed head
I almost cried when I smelt the cow parsley. It’s THE smell of the Summer holidays as the lanes in the Cotswolds were lined in it when I was a kid on my bike.
Speedwell looking a little washed out.
Oil-seed Rape had self seeded in the canal bank.
Hawthorn blossom (the May) in hedges.

But lets pop back to the craft room.
I ran out of yarn for the hat for Lovely Husband’s birthday so it was finished in green.
I thought ahead to September and Son’s birthday and made him one. With the rest of the ball end I made a scarf.
5mm needles, aran weight yarn, cast on 30 stitches
Row 1 K1 P1 to end
Row 2 K1 P1 to end
Row 3 P1 K1 to end
Row 4 P1 K1 to end

Repeat the 4 rows until you run out of yarn or have the required length.

I made this triangle bag. A good stash buster.
It reminded me of a rubix cube.
Now I have a home for my needlefelting.
And lastly Block 4 of Pond House by Lynette Anderson. I am making this with Deb and Darlene.
I used white frog fabric around the pond. I thought they would like it there. 🙂
And white hearts behind the flowers.
The finished block. I do like how it turned out. The flower blocks remind me of watercolour paintings.

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