Fav things and Lollygagging

Let me share a few of my current fav things with you. The weather has changed for the worse so cold days need these gorgeous socks. I love rainbow colours.
My fav pen with a clip to hold a picture on my desk.
Chinese Take Away: Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup. Perfect on a cold evening. Chopsticks came from M Kate. Thank you dear friend. I felt so posh eating with them rather than plain wooden ones everyone else used.
Rice with beef in a chilli and black bean sauce, chicken in satay sauce, and pork in a sweet and sour sauce. A real feast. My fav Chinese dishes though are cripsy roast duck in pancake rolls that you make yourself and chicken with ginger and spring onion. Total comfort food.
Green tea with honey and chamomile made by Celestial. A real favourite with everyone and soothing.
Daughter’s first AS level exam is tomorrow. She tried to relax a little drawing the budgie. I am nervous about it and I’m nothing to do with it!
I’ve been busy sewing this ginormous pillow for a friend’s birthday.
It took a while with so much blanket stitch.
No dilly dallying or lollygagging for me making it on time. The back is in the same striped fabric as the outer border. Design from the Cider Mill Road book by Nancy Halvorsen.
This is the current project while I rest my hands from hand sewing- a hat for Lovely Husband’s birthday.

So what are your fav things at the moment?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. See you back here on Sunday when I share the next Pond House block. It really is a wonderful design by Lynette Anderson. I’m making it in batik rainbow colours based on a visit to Monet’s house in Giverny.

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