Crows, Dogs, Spring, Makings

Summer Crow by Rima Staines is back from the framers and completes the season set above my sewing machine.
Not only do we have quilt rustling but they have turned to pillow poaching too! Here they are trying to look innocent.
While Angel is trying to look intelligent I think Precious is trying for an insanity plea. 🙂
Let me share Spring in the garden with you. Grenville with Cerinthe.
Cherry blossom with honesty in the background.
Wallflower- love that smell.
It looks like the wind sown Cherry tree has taken in it’s new location after all that effort. 🙂
This has been the sight I have been looking forward to for weeks- pink blossom against a blue sky.
Honesty with a Euonymus.
Clematis Montana
Now back inside again to the craft room. Busy Little Christmas Elves by Gail Pan block 4. I’m making it with Suzie and Simone.
Block 3 of Village Green by Thimbleberry.
Block 6 stitchery of Night Before Christmas. I have one more stitchery to make for it, 13 stars and 128 squares to cut. I’m looking forward to finishing it.
This little wallhanging is all finished now.
Lovely crows.
I added some bee buttons to the right of the hive. It’s hanging in the living room now.
Another finish is this door stop. I love playing with wool felt and this was a real pleasure to make. It will be a present for a friend’s birthday. The pattern was a present from Stephanie who knows I love crows.
And this is what I am currently working on- lots of blanket stitch for these appliques. It’s a design by Nancy Halvorsen from her Cider Mill booklet.

I’m definitely improving now, so I should be able to catch up with you all this week. I hope you are having a lovely bank holiday.

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