Slow Makings

Precious (right) was at the vet on Friday -she was yelping when getting up or sitting down. The vet thinks she has sprained something so she is taking Rimadyl. Angel has been keeping her company. Both of the hounds gave Precious a wonderful welcome when she got home from the visit. You could feel the sympathy.

Curtains in the background shrank in the wash. They are on the “To Do List” to add a panel to the bottom and re-attach the linings as soon as I can.
In spite of back and ligament problems, I have played with a couple of fabrics. I used them last year and a dear friend loved them, so I used one up completely and have tiny bits left of another. I am still trying to use up lots of stash this year.
Flowers and bees.
I made her this big shopping bag.
Special button from Robyn in Australia in a blog swap.
A wide base to make stacking shopping easier.
2 wide padded pockets. Padded handles and a padded body to the bag. All from fleece offcuts.
I tucked the handles inside and loaded it with hamper goodies for my friend to go in the post as I wont be able to join her this year for her birthday. I hope she likes it. Big tick on list.
I am currently blanket stitching the applique on this, but I can’t sit for long so progress is slow. It is based on a quilt by Meme, but I changed the borders. It will be bound in the blue.

I got this this morning. We found out last night that Brandi Carlile has postponed her concerts in Europe until the Autumn. We think because of the ash problem, so we are returning the tickets. Lovely Husband made me this voucher so if I see something during the year I can do that instead. It was good how it worked out as I was panicing about being able to go as I can’t stand for too long either. 🙂 Ever get the feeling that sometimes things are just meant to be and you should go with the flow more?

Sorry if I’ve not replied or visited you lately. I’m about as far behind with housework too. I’m hoping things will improve soon.

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