Beret, Crazy Christmas 1/12, bits

Time to show you what I’ve been making. Hedgehog is borrowing a 1930s beret made from 1960s turquoise wool.
I love the swirl in the top of it made by the regular decreases in stitches.
I am making Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas as a BOM. These 2 are part 1 of 12 (25 blocks in all) made from scraps. One is plain (snowflakes pattern) and the other has a stitchery in it.

This is the stitchery ready for the next set.
Remember me showing you Thimbleberries Village Green BOM a while ago? Well the class gave me their scraps that would otherwise go in the bin and I have assembled these ready to become pincushions to match the quilt they are working on.

Ironing is all done bar what has just come off the washing line. (I am loving being able to use it after such a long Winter.) I am going to sit down for a bit now and see if I can make turquoise mittens to go with the beret from the tiny bit of wool left over. I do like it when I can use these tiny 1oz balls up. Baby items are ideal.

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