Pond House 3, Easter and Trip

Here is half of the 3rd block of Lynette Anderson’s Pond House.
They go either side of block 2.
So here are blocks 1-3 all together. I’m making this with Deb and Darlene but as we are using different fabrics each of our quilts are going to look very individual.
Easter chocs for Son
Easter chocs for Daughter
Easter chocs for me.
Yesterday we went on a little trip as it was warm and not too windy.
We stopped off here in Lydiate for some fruit and veg. Love the bantam’s walk!
The boys hung out here.
And the male peacocks were mainly here.
So elegant!
One cry of alarm though and the females came running.
Even the loan males.
It was early in the morning so some grooming was going on.
We though headed over the Runcorn Bridge. Can you see the castle looking railway bridge to the right?

And here is the view from the other side. I’ll show you where we ended up next time.

For those who wanted instructions for customising your blogs I’ll email you rather than put it here. I’ve had a few emails from companies who do this for a living.

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