Lions Tigers Bears and more. Oh my!

Photos by Lovely Husband and I. The strange shape of an Airbus Beluga filled the sky.
But I preferred to look around me at Chester Zoo.
The baby Asian Elephant was following it’s mother very closely.
The mother balanced carefully and so gracefully on the edging stones of the pool and seemed to teach her baby to do the same. It was all done unhurriedly and very relaxed.
As she drank she seemed to smile. It was a lovely atmosphere to be in.
The zoo itself is huge with many paths leading all over the place.
Beautiful willow trees with the sun shining through the Spring leaves..
This chimpanzee looked thoughtful.
This baby orangutan was having fun climbing on the roof mesh.
His mother looked concerned.
White handed gibbon showing just why he is called that.
Camellia the plants around the enclosures were very pretty and made it lovely to walk along.
A jaguar watched it’s watchers from on top of a hill.
The male Asiatic lion
was just a big pussycat. What a tummy to dare rub though!
His “Mrs” looked a little less approachable.
I had a special moment with this tiger. I was in a bamboo area near his enclosure when he came and sat just the other side of the bamboo (and fence!) from me. I could hear his breathing as he relaxed. Magical.
Just look at how big a tiger’s paws are compared to Son’s hand!
This serval was getting ready to be fed.
Can you imagine those markings on an average cat?
This was Daughter’s favourite critter- the red panda. She took these photos of it- sleeping in a tree.
And sauntering along the ground. Yes she did buy the cuddly toy at the shop.
The spectacled bear high above us.
It felt like Spring as this sparrow and a few of his friends seranaded us in the sunshine.

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