Happy Easter. Cedar Farm 2

Happy Easter everyone. You are probably munching chocolate as I type. Above are the roses I photographed for the blog makeover. Is anyone interested in knowing how to make their own photos into backgrounds and banners for their blogs with Blogspot? If so I can write out instructions.
Now back to Cedar Farm. An old barn is now a shop
for things like this.
“The Owl and the Pussycat” illustration for the line “and they danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon.”
This made me smile-they way the pictures were hung made me think the hare and fox were studiously ignoring one another.
This little corner reminded me of Spring.
I had to photograph this- all those paint colours unused arranged by colour. I got the same feeling looking at that as I do when I get an unused pad of paper or book to write in. So many possibilities.
More little shops are on the site.
Pretty bench outside the deli. I tried coconut macaroons here for the 1st time. Delicious and gooey compared to how I thought they would be.
Mosaics decorate a wall.
Spring bedding plants.
A restaurant with courtyard seating and my fav shop.
On the other side of the courtyard you can buy plants.
Very pretty toilets.

You always thought I was the sort to loiter by the Gents didn’t you? 🙂
View of courtyard.
I bought a little something for Daughter in here.
Beautiful fabric flowerstoo. Can you see the strawberry cup cake ceramic pot behind them? Yes you guessed it- I bought her one of those. I was tempted by the little plate in the other pic too though.
Love the owl cushion.
A cupcake one too with sequins.
Bright beaded bags and booklet covers.
Wooden carved mushrooms and owls.
More ceramic cup cakes.
This is where a lot of arty classes are held.
Ceramics and flowers to buy.
I loved the little animal area. These saddleback pigs were so friendly.
Pregnant goat.
Preening hens. Love the edging on the feathers. The best hen I ever saw was a white one where every feather had this same black edging. So striking! It was at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells years ago. I never did find out how it did.
Large Black piglets feeding. The tips of their ears could touch the ends of their snouts. So sweet.
This goat was very friendly but not good at staying still.
And finally as it’s Easter a little silkie bantam hen. She will stay as fluffy as a chick all her life and have that hairdo always.

Sorry none of my own crafts to share. After the kitchen appliances trying to send me mad, I am getting my revenge by having a thorough bottoming out in the kitchen. All chipped glasses are in the pink recycling bin, lids that no longer go with things have gone, and the cupboards and drawers are being bottomed out, cleaned and the contents cleaned sorted and some put back.

I love some of the non chemical recipes Kim and Aggie come up with on “How Clean is Your House?” TV programme. You can see why daughter got me the fluff trimmed cleaning gloves now. 🙂 I now have several bottles of white vinegar. This link has a list of their “How To Clean…” If your country doesn’t allow you to see it then there are books by them available.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring cleaning!

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