Christmas Story 2 Hailey

Here is Christmas Story Block B BOM which I am making with Lynn. Have a look at how different they look in other fabrics.
I’ve been back home for a few days so they next few posts will show Oxfordshire. Above is Middle Farm, Hailey where my grandmother grew up.
The view facing the road.
The side garden.
This road was a cart trackway when she was growing up in the Edwardian times. There is a photo of her in the family wearing the typical pale pinnafore with dark boots and her hair tied back from her face in a ribbon. Sadly I don’t have a copy to share.
This is the view looking the other way.
The church is opposite. As I’ve taken you inside before I wont again.
This watercolour was new inside.

Next time Leafield village where my ancestors lived before 2 brothers moved to Hailey and bought farms.

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