Valentine walk and wips

Wool is drying by the fire.
Cottage pies are all cooked.
A lovely suprise package arrived from Lynn for Valentine’s Day. Love the heart theme. Candy Cane Lane looks like such a sweet quilt for Christmas 2011. Thank you Lynn for the sweets for the children too.
I then opened the parcel and found 2 gorgeously decorated tea towels- sweet owl and a cup cake. Perfect! Trimmed with such cute prairie points and ric rac. Thank you so much Lynn. I love it all.
I’ve run out of 505 so the WiPs are mounting up. In Halloween colours I have this table centre made from strips for Stephanie‘s Strip challenge. There was just a little too many scraps left over from it, sooo
I’ve also got a small table runner and 6 cup mats waiting for the 505 too.
Then I worked on the odd shapes of rainbow coloured scraps and put this together. It will look something like the above with the small strip as a pocket.
I did finish something though- all the stars are complete for the Elf BOM quilt. 🙂
Now as it’s Valentine Day,
let me take you on a romantic walk around the ruins of Bank Hall again.
It’s snowdrop time and the woods are full.

Daughter wanted to see Bank Hall as she wasn’t with us when we went last year.
It’s so good to see the 1st flowers of Spring.
The wood has so many clumps of them, and little love notes on the trees.
Bank Hall built 1608 AD is still standing thanks to lots of scaffolding.
You can still see the patchwork of the leaded windows.
Stark against the sky on this gable.
There was once a building here in the foreground. Little walls and steps remain.
I’d love to see it restored.
So it can be as beautiful as it’s grounds.

Can you imagine the Valentine Balls which may have been held here?
There is still so much beauty in what remains.
And people who love the place.

And do things like show their cars and collect money so it can be preserved.
Snowdrops in the orchard.
A secret door.
I hope you enjoyed the Valentine walk. The hounds certainly did.

Back home in the garden there are signs of approaching Spring- primula.
Dwarf Irises

Maybe Spring is slow to come this year, but come it will.

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