Cathedrals, Ironing Board Cover, Rainbow Crow,

I am learning how to do cathedrals. I was given a bag of bits in various stages. This section just needed a few middles.
As you can see I have a long way to go before finishing. Good job my back has been keeping me up at night.
Have you seen the state of my ironing board cover lately? Lots of little holes.
I searched and searched for a new one but the cute ones were too small for my 15″ x48″ top plus sides and wrap under. So I ended up with the same JML one again.
Don’t the dots look clean and bright! LOL The ironing board cover needs a good ironing itself. 🙂
This is a picture from the book Rainbow Crow by Nancy Van Laan from a Lenape Indian legend. I 1st read the story here well over a year ago. There is a short version here. I had a picture in my head but lacked the know how and kept putting it off.
Well 2010 is the year where I am determined to be more courageous in my makings, so here is my wallhanging inspired by the legend. I made it in felts- needlefelting them into position.
Close up of Rainbow Crow.
Now this is another thing I have wanted to make in fabrics ever since I started crafting 2-3 years ago. From my favourite book “Wind in the Willows” illustrated by EH Shepherd. But how can I get the same charm that he managed? Anyone tried anything like this?

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