Snow ins and outs.

Another Valentine idea- a notice board.
We’ve had little snow showers by night.
And little snow showers by day.
So some very fed up hounds who want the warmth of the sun so they can be silly idiots on walks bouncing one another.
Son came back from school with red raw hands from the snow, to a lovely parcel from Robyn a prize for entering the Owl Challenge she hosted. Son is very fond of tiny owls so had a bash at making his own in felt.

Inside was a card with a beautiful button.
And lots of goodies:
A very useful clip on light, beautiful beads, leather twine and wool felt. Thank you Robyn. He should’ve emailed you himself by now to thank you properly for your kindness. I’ll check when he comes in. It is lovely when children learn to craft. Daughter suprised me this week when she re-threaded my machine in black and fixed her own skirt! Ooooo. 🙂 I think I should be busy cooking more often.
These 6 1/2″ 9 patches are for a blogger Lyn who is making a quilt for a fellow blogger Ilene who is going through it at the moment. They are made from 9x 2 1/2″ cut sized squares. If you have a few scraps to spare and a little time why not make one or 2 yourself. You have a chance to win the giveaway too.

I think it is so good when bloggers support one another like this.
Now you want to know what I’ve been making. Those 24 squares were turned into a set of 6 cup mats to match the wallhanging. Fronts.
Backs with apple baskets.
These were made for the Elf project (shown 2nd of each month) by doing a seam of them instead of breaking off the thread. When I was cleaning up I noticed how much thread gets wasted, so I thought I would try this as an experiment. So far I have less mess under the machine. 🙂 Maybe I’ll buy less thread too?

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