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As we all know February is the month of LOVE so I thought I’d share a few ideas. Above is a pic of American style measuring spoons so I can follow more recipes.
This is what Lovely Husband is getting- mug of truffles with marzipan hearts. The truffles were a TK Maxx golden ticket price. That’s even cheaper than the red tickets beloved of regular TK Maxx shoppers. I will blame Willy Wonka for my golden ticket fixation. LOL

Just a little something on the 14th can say a lot. Stina has some lovely free heart stitcheries for you to download.
Among the chaos another character from my imaginary village insisted that her story got written down. Like the pink and blue journal cover made by Stephanie?
My little box of strips is mounting up nicely for a future project.
I also have a heap of 24 squares which were the off cuts from the flying geese in the wallhanging below. I dislike waste so they will be a something today when I have had a play with them.
And here is the finished wallhanging waiting to be posted.
And the back.
I should’ve ironed it instead of fold it in 2 before taking the photo. “More haste less speed” as an old teacher of mine used to say. The background has crows on so the applique crow wont be lonely.
Main backing fabric with crows, stars moons and pumpkins. Perfect for the applique.
Pumpkins and baskets of apples for borders.
This is the 1st of the 9 Busy Little Christmas Elves blocks by Gail Pan which I’ll be sharing on the 2nd of each month with Suzie and Simone.
I’ve seen it in red so I’m trying it in purples.
With a varigated purple thread.

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