Today is another Christmas!

Santa has sent me what I most wanted in the Fat Quarter Shop after I joined in their” letters to Santa” on their blog where they promised to send some lucky people their heart’s desire. I was one of the very lucky ones.
I chose a fat quarter bundle with a panel of Laurel Burch’s fab “Dancing Horses“. I couldn’t believe it when I won as it is hard to get Laurel Burch around here. These bright rainbow horses are my fav fabric of all time and now I have a whole set! I will sit and look and maybe stroke them for a good long time before making something very special indeed with them.

Thank you so much Fat Quarter Shop for being so generous to me and many others.
I bet you didn’t guess this was for daughter what with the strawberries on? The centre is the lining which has dragonflies, flowers and strawberries on, as it can be reversed.
For now though the journal cover is this way round. It co-ordinates with the bag I made her before in red green and pink with this fabric as the lining. Never let it be said that my daughter isn’t co-ordinated-just wear your sunglasses -it is very bright.
I’ve also been doing secrets- will share when they have reached their destinations.
Now my other reason for thinking that today was another Christmas is that it snowed! It was actually snowing and sticking during the day!
I just had to go out and see it all.
I walked into town
The traffic was moving carefully.
Snow on the cafe seats.
I went through town.
towards the sea.
This yucca sort of plant was trying to set seed.
Snow frost and ice on the beach- so surreal!
I walked along the pier.
Half way is this shelter.
Snow on a beach seems so incredible.
Deserted skate park.

This reminds me of the Christmas where I was given my 1st pair of boot roller skates. It was knee high in snow but I was determined to skate so I cleared a large area where the pavement used to be. Oh they were a splended present. I had to get new uppers and new axles for them over the years but I still have them..maybe the odd screw is original. LOL
There was an icy layer on the Marine Lake
Seagulls congregated on the ice just here.
This made me laugh “cold beer served here”.
Sun sculpture under the snow.
Cyclist sculpture
Queen Victoria doesn’t look terribly amused.
Seaside amusement places were open.
Gargoyle- I bet he must itch to scratch the snow off his ears.
Love love! Red boots and snow = classic.
Snowy lights.
Church through the War Memorial
War Memorial.
Post Office.
Snowball fight. 🙂
Just look at the colour of these bottles of hair things- so bright after all the snow.
Tree covered in snow.

This was supposed to be son’s 1st day of term, but he came home early as the school was closing because of the snow. He is very happy. So I think all in all I declare this day to be a mini Christmas in this house. 🙂

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