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Just look at the state of my spice shelves! I’ve put this task off long enough.
No wood undercoat but there was some unwanted wall paint which is fine to prime wood.
Then white gloss paint to make it wipe cleanable.
I had a right saga wanting to make this coat. Last Christmas Moda had some lovely wools which were hard to get hold of. I made a little very strokable santa doorstop with it and longed to have a coat with loads of “swish” all of my own. This year the lovely Sally of Patched Pumpkin managed to get me enough to make it. So of course I dug out the old pattern I had from the 1990s partly based on a coat I had seen in the window of a NY boutique and found I was a different size now and a piece had gone missing in the house moves. I hit the internet and found a pattern that night. Then in the morning discovered that the only place which does patterns around here didn’t do that make. I went to the internet again to order the pattern by post. So I have been chomping at the bit waiting for the pattern to arrive. I began yesterday.
and left it hanging overnight so I can sew the hems today. Lovely Lynn had me stood on steps while she pinned round the bottom hem all level. I lined it in a red satin. It has side pockets too. So that is what I should be doing now instead of typing this- hand sewing the arm hems and bottom hem.
Now I’ll share some of the things I plan to make this year. A BOM -Pond House- Lynette Anderson.
Here’s a closer look.
A Christmas Story BOM by Anni Downs
A closer look.
4 different crow lovlinesses.
Bugalicious by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs. (Link to her blog in sidebar if you want to do the pattern too).
Stephanie of Loft Creations’s Ladyfingers Bag -again she is in my sidebar.
And lastly there are lots of wool/felt/cotton projects in these 2 books by Cinnamon Patch. There are more things I want to make but the above are enough to be going on with. What are you planning to make in 2010?

As soon as I finish hemming, I’ll pop in and see you all. Hopefully the coat will be finished in my next blog post.

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