New Year’s Eve

May we all have guardian angels watching over us in 2010. (Mine is the gibbering wreck in a purple dress rocking back and forth in the corner “Don’t make me go back to her next year please please”. LOL
So let me share my final day of 2009 so far with you.

The latest novel got finished last night. I thought I had finished a while ago then 2 minor characters decided to steal the book after the main characters lived happily ever after and took an extra half of a book just for themselves. Honestly the cheek of it! I wrote a little update on what I should be doing in my Jellybean Journal, then I read a little more “Murder For Christmas” to get me to sleep.

So I was mulling over life with a morning coffee when the post arrived. The blocks for Simone’s charity quilts. Brill 1st job of 2010. 🙂 And a fascinating book from Ulla all about Tonttu’s- Finnish Elves. I was amazed at how similar the old traditions of our countries are about “the little people”. I do like to think that there could be some truth way back in the stories.
There are certainly moral lessons to be learned about kindness and charity. Just look what happened to a mean farmer who refused a weekly bowl of porridge to an elderly Tonttu.

When I next went downstairs I asked Lovely Husband when I could ring Deb in New Zealand as she has called me on Christmas Day. He looked at the time thingy and said “now” so one mad scramble for her number on an email and I rang.

Ooops! She and her hubby had gone to bed, but she was still polite. LOL It just hadn’t occured to me that she wouldn’t be up bringing in the New Year and partying on down. LOL We laughed so much. Just think I would never have known she existed without Blogland.
I can share this table mat now Simone and her Mum have it. It is made from the off cuts of a Christmas table runner both she and I are making along side one another. Will share when we are both ready. We will make another with a Spring theme together next. More 2010 fun ahead!
I’d better show you the last UFOs, now my Christmas making is over.
I had a bash at twirly quilting on Gardener’s Journal. Hmm I didn’t impress myself but the job got done and my shoulders got a hot bath. They ached a lot. How do you ladies manage?
The pieced back for “Gardener’s Journal”. All finished.
I put the final borders on this Sue Spargo’s “Folklore” and did straight line quilting with lots of lines to the border.
The binding is all pinned ready for me to sew this evening before midnight.

At midnight we all have grapes. For each chime of midnight a grape goes in. If we aren’t quick at chewing we look like hamsters as we wish one another a Happy New Year and try not to choke. LOL

Happy New Year to you all. May your guardian angels have no need to be busy.

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