I woke up on the 23rd. Someone had played with the fridge magnets. (Could it be a hint?)
And cleaned the kitchen!
A note was stuck on a cupboard.
I did the decent thing and got baking for the elves. LOL Ulla you had long suspected I had some helping out here- well it turns out I do! Ginger biscuits.
And a couple of mincemeat cakes.
At midnight it began to snow again!
I turned off the flash and got photographing. Yes that really is a palm tree covered in snow in the background.
So magical! This time both children and i were out at midnight playing in it. I hope this memory stays with them all their lives and they do it with their children.
Hot choc with floating marshmallows afterwards was perfect.

Deb from New Zealand phoned here on Christmas morning. I hadn’t even given her my number so when the phone rang saying “international” we ignored it thinking it was a call centre in another country. She then emailed asking for the number thinking she had misdialed. LOL Sorry Deb for spoiling your suprise. It was so great to hear you in real life- you have a real smile in your voice. It really made Christmas Day so special. 🙂 I was grinning like a loon all day.
Love is: his and her matching peelers.
All sorts of seafood with sweet chilli dip starter.
Prawn and marie rose sauce starter.
Monster size turkey dinner! Croquette potatoes (mash covered in breadcrumbs) made from all those peeled ones. Assorted veg and different flavour stuffing balls.
This is another of our Christmas traditions-making our own crackers.
We put special things inside and the person’s initial on it so the person gets the right cracker.
Of course this means we get many hats each so we try to be inventive wearing them.
Now I will share some of Blogland’s angels. 🙂
From Stephanie- there were M+Ms too but the children snaffled them before the photo. Love those dots on that lovely mat! I’ll love making socks with the yarn. A spool for special braid, gorgeous pincushion with ric-rac and knitting patterns.
From M Kate- lovely elephant paper, with a santa ornie, fragrance sachet, an amazing chrysantheum shaped mat in pink, butterfly bookmark, postcards, a pot with little figures, a beaded pen holder, a lace bag, a red shoe decoration, and a fridge magnet.
From Deb- an apple cinnamon candle, (elf cousins) “Gonks” knife, bowl and mug! lovely Ignite coffee, figgy pud tree ornie, rose tissue paper a tree embroidered t towel, and finally a brilliant card hanger all embroidered.
From Tracy- earings she had made herself, chocolate (again gone from the pic- I am suspecting very large mice! Glares around the room at the children) and a lovely neckwarmer which I can also use as a hair band.
Have a close up of the earings with the blue stones.
From Simone- Winter flavour tea bags, lovely little bag for the Christmas tree, a green snowman tree ornie, a brilliant seaside address book (filled in now:-)) and a Noel and bird brooch.
From Suzie mini chocs, a fascinating mini quilt book, handcream, pretty chocs, a gorgeous snowman wallhanging, and a very useful zip bag.
From Ulla- an amazing mushroom journal and cover, a Finnish gingerbread recipe, tree and heart cookie cutters, wool for me to needle felt with, a lovely useful bag with spools fabric, Tonttu tea, gingerbread milk chocolate, and a stunning embroidered set with a thimble and scissors.
The tassle is already on the tree which she also sent. It will go with the corn dollies on the wall after the tree is taken down.
From Aimee -a ribbon decorated bag with a teapot and milleflori bead decorated bookmark, a pair of milliflori earings and matching bracelet. All made by herself.
Have a closer look at the beautiful beads! They remind me of the Scottish Victorian paperweights I used to see in the charity shops as a kid- collectable now.

Thank you so much dear friends for the generous presents this Christmas. I know it is such a busy time for all of us so thank you so much. More importantly, thank you for your friendship and support this past year. Gi-normously big group hug!

There were a few pressies between us here- daughter loved her dot lined new shoes- so Wizard of Oz!
Little brother bought her an umbrella which is so so her! Unfortunately it arrived in a huge triangle shaped tube, so naturallyI assumed Lovely Husband had bought me a gigantic white toblerone. I was gutted! (Shakes head very sadly indeed. LOL)
These pressies are on the walls- to hubby.
To son
To daughter.
This little gorgeous is for us- our very own choir of angels.
All angels should dress in Kaffe Fassett. I had to back it in my fav colour- purple with a Kaffe trim.
This finally is what I am working on- French Roses.
Blanket stitching at the moment.

So that has been my week. I did a Thomas Kinkade “Mountain Paradise jigaw present. I so want to live in that cottage! Pic in link.

Last year’s Resolutions are still good for this year:
finish what I start
make more from what I already have
say yes more often to my children
clear out what is not beautiful or useful
plan ahead more often
live consciously and with purpose
laugh especially when things go wrong
set a good example
appreciate what I have already

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas too. It was so special here with the snow. Hubby was brought up just a few miles in-land from here and they would have snow but right here on the coast it just didn’t happen. I feel so privileged- it was lovely.

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