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Meet Brun- son’s owl (with a little help) he will be company for Tweet. His full name is Brun Petite as he is little and brown so I am told. 🙂
So what else has been happening here? I was asked to make a Union Jack in glass by a friend, so I got all my stuff out and got busy. The top board is to cut on and the larger one to lead on.
Roughly cut glass ready for grousing.
And the scene after leading and soldering. My soldering iron couldn’t be found but I hunted on line and found one with enough power only 7 miles away. Major relief as I wanted this delivered the following day.
And here it is all finished with darkened putty.
The next finish was this quilt Christmas Belles for Daughter. The binding and backing are in the same fabric. The white border has strawberries on -perfect for her. The corners are red dots like her new bedding. Another relief now it is finished in time to go under the tree.

Now among the chaos Anne Marie and I had a moment of calm and smiles. We agreed a time to be on-line and open our presents from one another as she will be on holiday on the special day. Look at the gorgeous wrapping paper!
Inside was even more lovely- such sweet fabric which I had never seen before and the most darling Troll calender. I looked carefully at each month’s picture -so so beautiful. I think she knows how much I love elves and other fairy folk so sent their cousins. At the end of the year I want to frame the pictures for my craft room. Thank you so so much Anne Marie for such thoughtful presents and for such a fun evening before I did the Christmas food shopping.
It started to snow right at the time we were opening so I asked her how she had managed that extra present. LOL There was still some snow in the morning when I took this photo. We also had some snow today until it was rained away.
I have made my own snow man though who wont melt even when stood by the fireplace.
Another is decorating a jar. Great idea for a quick gift is to make a band for a jar and fill the jar with sweets or biscuits. In this case I used cloves- such a Christmassy smell.
My final snowman is waiting for borders and a backing. I think he is exercising one of Santa’s reindeer so it is fit for Christmas Eve.
The wonky house is stitched.
A bit blurry close up but I hope you get the idea- all machine sewing next, so it should come together quickly.

Another parcel got posted this morning so I am beginning to think I am nearly there with Christmas. So what’s the betting that a great idea is going to hit me and I will find myself sewing late on Christmas Eve? LOL How are you all getting along?

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