Christmas Belles 6+7, Bits, Santa Letter

How true this is- Friend Angels the last of block 6
And pears last of block 7
Blocks 6 and 7 complete.
These are the other stitcheries in the quilt that I didn’t show close ups of.

And this is the complete top with the backing. Must buy batting and 505 tomorrow…. or maybe shares in them. LOL
This was just scraps put together in between sensible runs of sewing so I didn’t have to break the sewing maching thread. (I am such a tightwad!)
This is a side of a quickie- garden.
This is the other side- house.

I have just found a wonderful site thanks to Simone and Stephanie

They are offering to be Santa to you- just let them know what you want via this site

So I will compose my dear Santa letter properly here.

Dear Santa,
you know I love all things colourful and fun so please could you put

“Dancing Horses Bright Fat Quarter Bundle Laurel Burch for Clothworks Fabrics”
into my stocking for Christmas. I’ve been pretty good this year and haven’t lost my temper many times… or sworn apart from that time when a toy crocodile leapt out of the washing machine at me when I opened the door this week.

I know I cleared Son’s room without an asbestos suit on and this was one of the things which got washed, but I’ve been so caught up in sewing that I clean forgot about it being there. Anyway shirts and jeans don’t usually lunge out at me when I open the door so I think I was pretty restrained in the circumstances.

Ooo my other goodness has included being up to date with all that washing. I’m suprised the boy wasn’t going to school in his pyjamas judging from the amount of clothes I’ve folded. I’m so nearly up to date with the ironing too. I promise none will be here when you visit.

I’ve also played nicely with others and tried my hardest to keep the Christmas spirit.
Besides I have one of your Kringlekin elves living happily here. (Sent by the wonderful and talented Lietzmann’s in return for work by hubby. I may have bounced around like Tigger and grinned like a cheshire cat after I opened him.) His name is Eggy you probably know him well- he brews all sorts for Christmas, so I can’t be all bad canI?

Thanking you in advance,

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