Christmas Belles 2+3, walk, busker

This is Block 2 of Christmas Belles
Meet the Kitchen Angel.
Have yoiu bought all the ingredients for your Christmas puddings yet? Do any of you put charms in to predict your fortune in the forthcoming year? I do like hearing about everyone’s traditions and where they came from.
Block 3 all complete.
Meet the Gift Angel.
Have you bought enough wrapping paper? Ever wish mid-present-wrapping that you had got everyone gift vouchers instead? LOL
Here are 2 and 3 sewn together.
And this is my progress so far.
So lets take a little time out from the busy-ness and slow down with deep breaths.
And look at how nature is slowing down for Winter.
We are here in this historic site where the canal was started to be dug in 1770.
It is far more tranquil now.
Greyhounds’ synchronised sniffing in their Winter coats.
Pinapple smelling gorse was the only thing in flower that morning.
Ivy climbing
Ivy seeding.
A monochrome landscape -so different from when I was here in the Summer and the air was filled with insects’ hums.
So back to the real world again and Christmas lights on the main shopping road.
How is this for a real Christmas story? This busker “Gypsy Sarah” has been offered the chance of a one night performance at the theatre in Southport on 30th January. Listen to her stunning voice here here and here.

Anyone else not feeling fully prepared for Christmas yet?

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