Sale Gingerbread, WIPs and finishes.

A little parcel I had ordered from Tracy at Pink Purl on Etsy arrived.
She’s having a huge sale- just look at these little treasures she makes. Have a look yourself.
Things have been at their usual pace here. Above are a rag tree, 2 painted wooden gingerbread men, 2 stuffed and embroidered gingerbread men, and lots of accessories and a stenciled cushion.
This is for a picnic. Simply unroll to be a placemat with a pocket for knife fork and napkin, or what about using the same idea for an embroidery project for when you are travelling?
These appliques are sewn on and I’m just beginning the stem stitch boughs which surround a Christmas text by Dickens.
This is now finished. It’s from the Tilda Christmas book. There are a lot of appliques you can use on all sorts so it is a very useful book for this time of year.
The Christmas Pudding mouse is complete. There were red and cream left over squares so I came up with the design on the left for them. Just cut a 2 1/2″ central square and attach the 12 remaining squares like you did in the original and surround in the same green border.

The bags are now finished. The pattern was for 11″ diameter circular bases, but I couldn’t make the 2x 18 1/2 ” sides fit this so I gave them tote bag bottoms. I photographed both sides.

Remember Gardener’s Journal? Well now I have some 505 spray I made the back for it and have it glued and pinned together to quilt in my spare time.
Here Belinda is the back -you were having a show of backs of quilts and I promised you a lookie.

I’ll pop in and catch up with you all tomorrow as it’s late here now. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and starting to feel the spirit of Christmas.

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