Hello December

For the 1st time we have an artificial tree after my skin blistered after taking out last year’s Christmas Tree. We are keeping to our old tradition of having it up on the 1st December. It has been wonderful adding old friends to the tree. See Santa on the left? I am hoping to make myself a coat in that colour after Christmas (when I’m allowed to open the fabric). Lovely!
I have gold frankincence and myrrh pot pourri in a very special bowl made by Annie Coe. Have a look at her lovely ceramic Christmas decorations in her Etsy shop.
I had a mammoth wrapping sesh for the presents which needed to be done for the 3rd. For once I feel vaguely organised. There’s bound to be something I’ve forgotten. I bet it’s major!
The little birdhouse stitchery is now a pocket on the most romantic bag I have made.
Other side.
The little fir tree from left overs is all bound.
Milly Molly Mandy needs her binding to be sewn at the back.
The owl stitchery is progressing with left over strips -run out of batting so this is as far as I can go for now.
Outside there has been a fire engine putting out a car fire on a neighbour’s driveway. The air was full of the smell of burning plastic. Yuk!

It was lovely to stick my head in Annie’s bowl and breathe in the smell of Christmas. I’ve more boxes to go through and Christmas-smelling candles to unwrap. Ooo and a house to clean for the party on the 5th and laundry. Oh well I was hoping to forget those last two. On a positive note to end with -the floor still exists under the fabric in the craft room. LOL

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