Bookshop Gingham and spots, Finishes and WIPs

Last time I shared my fav fabric shop. This time I am sharing my fav book shop “Broadhursts of Southport“.
Upstairs is a room so like the library of Cleudo/Clue which is an office for the staff. Love it!
This though is where I spend most of my time- in the children’s books room. Sorry blurry pic.
There are many old friends as well as books yet to be friends.
Dots and gingham had daughter squealing with delight this week.
Gingham curtains.
With gingham and dotty matching bed linen. At last daughter has curtains she loves for her room. We just need to make time to paint out the pale blue on the lower part of her bedroom walls so the room can be themed red and white.
I forgot to show you this properly which I made back in October for her.

I’ve been so busy with some finishes and WIPS that I haven’t popped by those lovely people who left comments yet. Sorry about that. Come take a peek in the craft room and see what I’ve been up to.
Verandah Views by Cheryl Goss got finished last night. It’s not exactly like her original as I miss-cut the lower left block so added some checkerboard to it.
The Angel Choir found their voices and binding.
Owl is ready for a project for son. It’s from an 1898 stitchery book found on a google search.

Another finished stitchery again from a google search.
Another free stitchery from a google search which I’ve added applique to.
Progress on the Christmas Wish BOW which I’ve been doing with Simone, Lynn and Karen from a free design by Gail Pan.

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