Sorry a day late

The weather has changed in this corner of the UK but luckily we aren’t having the floods and gale force winds that other parts of the UK are having. Angel however almost crawled into the fire. Her nose is inches from it. Fluff would’ve joined her but there was no room with the fabric pumpkins there.
You can tell when it’s cold as the hounds will lay together. Precious and Angel.
It was to this cold that a wonderful parcel from sunny New Zealand arrived from Deb -The Angel and the Pukeko. Gorgeous rose tissue paper. I unwrapped carefully.
It was her parcel to me of our seaside theme swap. Aren’t those colours fabulous and just look at the sea on one of the cushion covers! She knows I love bright colours. The lovely lady also included dreamy rose themed notelets, chocolate galore (I was so popular with the family) and what has to be one of the best instant coffees I have tasted in ages. This was on the packet:

“Screaming Turtle

Coffee That Rocks
The road lies before you. The final destination unknown. Dreams to be realised, stumbling blocks to overcome. Allow this rich full-bodied blend to ignite the inner passion to continue your journey.”

Now wouldn’t you just have to open it immediately and tuck in to the chocolate?

Thank you so much Deb it was like getting a little bit of Summer in the middle of Winter. It’s been such a wonderful swap. Thank you.
Stephanie has had problems with her iron so I thought I’d share mine. The one on the left is my old one. Daughter dropped it on the floor. I wondered why the house electricity had tripped out a couple of times until she pointed out a big crack in the base. So the iron on the right is the new one- same model just a new colourway. Works like a dream which is good as I’ve been busy.
The Gail Pan free stitchery is all framed.
This began life as a stitchery I found when I did a google of “free stitchery patterns”.
I turned it into an applique.
This mouthles angel choir need a pigma pen for their mouths and layering up. The pattern was from Australian Homespun volume 10 7. I tried a bit of couching with gold thread to the wing and halo edges.
These little angels are bonded but not sewn from the same magazine.
This is the last of Gail Pan’s a Christmas Wish BOW that I’ve been doing with Simone, Lynn and Karen. Next time you see it, it should be complete.
Would you like a peek in Patched Pumpkin on the evening when a few of us helped get the Christmas things out?
We had a supper together then set to work putting Halloween things to one side and ooo ing as beautiful Christmas things came out of the stockroom.
Lines of Gingerbreadmen/
So many pretties.
The Tree
Little houses
Santa on a swing and more gingerbreadmen. This is one of my fav places- always welcoming and a refuge of gorgeousness.

I’ve also been gadding about a bit doing Christmas shopping.
I haven’t seen this mix of styles on a stocking before.
This coat had beading to the pockets and hem. Again unusual.
Now just look at this cake!
Wonderful- like the Disney castle.
My last bit of unusualness was seeing a pink car- not just any pink car but a Nissan Figaro
A car with a smile! Love it!

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