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I’ve had a play with a charm pack called Harvest Reflections. It’s a free pattern from the happy zombie but I made it wider as I had 28 dark harvest fabrics. I first saw it here by Lynn. The grey/black stars look almost like a trellis.
I just need to find a use for the 5 left over cream ones now. 🙂
I’ve done a little stitching – it’s by Gail Pan and can be found here. I need to do a running stitch around it next.
Come back to 1590 for a mo. Queen Elizabeth I is on the throne. The RB is Robert Bindloss an early owner who married Alice Dockwray of Dockwray Hall in Kendall, Cunbria, probably the initials AB afterwards for her married name.
You travel by horse not car to Borwick Hall in Borwick village. There was a manor house here in 1086 when the Doomsday Book was compiled.
We go in this way through the gatehouse. Pics by hubby as I stupidly forgot my camera.
To see Borwick Hall -also known as Motley Hall from the children’s TV series “The Ghosts of Motley Hall.” Watch the fist 40 seconds of the you tube clip to see a little of 1970s childhood in the UK.

You asked Anne Marie about the list in my previous post- it is a list of my fav things to watch or read at this time of year. It goes all Christmassy later. 🙂
The castellated bit began life as a C14th peel/pele tower, the house was added around it. The tower is about 11m x 8.5m with 1.8m thick walls.
It was very special for me to see this as I loved the building as a child.

I also loved “The Amazing Mr Blunden” manor house so I was so pleased to know that it still exists as part of Pinewood Studios.

It was also a special moment for me when I visited the original Norman Hall which Lucy M Boston wrote about as Green Knowe in her series of books. Here is a clip from the first book which was a TV series in the 1980s. On display there are the hand pieced of paper quilts which Lucy M Boston made in later life battling with failing eyesight.

You can buy “The Patchworks of Lucy M Boston” from the Green Knowe bookshop (nice pic there of one of the quilts) or from Amazon. They are what made me want to try patchwork 2.5 years ago. Very good stocking filler present.
So now we leave Borwick and go down the M6 motorway a stop to visit Lancaster Castle. There is oodles to read in the link so I’ll keep words to a minimum.

John of Gaunt’s Gatehouse at the top of a hill.
Portcullis and lovely holes to pour hot pitch onto invaders.
Can you just about see a gargoyle with an open mouth which spouted rainwater away from the building. Sadly this was the most intact one I could see.
Sunday was Remembrance Sunday where the dead who have fallen in battle are remembered and honoured. We also have a 2 minute silence throughout the UK at 11am. The 11th day of the 11th month at 11am. We were on the castle walls so could look down on the parade led by a band,
followed by the army
and then the RAF Royal Air Force.
When they had gone past I looked at little details like this lantern on the castle wall.
You can see the steps I came down in this shot. The castle still holds the magistrates courts and is a working prison.
Turn the other way and you have St Mary’s Priory church.
Loads of info in link.
I didn’t go in as people were still coming out from the special service.
I think it was last year I showed you Pendle Hill the area of Lancashire where the witches in 1612 came from.

Well Lancaster Castle was where they were kept until they were tried. This link is good.
There’s a plaque in the town saying how Bonnie Prince Charles was proclaimed regent by the Jacobite army 24th November 1745 near here.
I wonder where exactly?
At the bottom of the hill is a friary building which is now a student pub.

We though had fireworks to collect from a generous customer.
Then we came home as the sun was setting.
And I finally got hold of the camera.

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