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I have a new arrival! Hubby I think was worried that I might actually learn how to take proper photos with his camera, so when I found the same type of camera as my little Olympus (still back with Olympus for repair estimate) on Ebay 2nd hand at a good price he was all for it. It is no longer made- that is how old it is.
Ooooo! I was so excited to have a camera again that wasn’t heavy and that I knew the basics of how to get it to work. I might’ve just danced round the room singing “my camera, my camera not yours, not yours”. Hubby fessed that he had similar thoughts on getting his camera back intact from my clumsy hands. 🙂 LOL
Early Autumn for me is a time of change. I get restless and try new things like fabric conditioners which I hope will help me feel better about the laundry which appears from nowhere. I swear I haven’t seen half the clothes actually on anyone. Do you think someone is sneaking their laundry in at midnight and whooshing it back again all folded? I bet I’m not alone with this strange phenomenon.
I’m trying different powders too. Anyone else noticed that when you have the same smelling things around you, after a while you don’t smell them- even scented candles.
I’ve also done the 2nd stitchery of Gail Pan’s Christmas Wish. Simone, Lynn Karen and I are trying to complete one of these a week sharing them on Sundays. My next one will have to be finished early as I am away next Sunday.
So here is Merry.
I am using a combination of vintage and DMC threads hopefully for all of them.
Other doings- I can’t seem to stop writing stories. I began by challenging myself to write a novel length story (2 exercise books) and started on the 5th February 2008. Since then, as soon as one idea is written up the characters for the next one start in the back of my mind. I think everyone has at least one book inside them. If you’ve been tempted then go for it- you’ve nothing to lose.
I have been reading too. Ulla put me on to this collection of tales about horrid children getting what they deserve. If you like Roald Dahl then you’d probably like this. The morals are just as relevant today as the time when they were written.
I really disliked this boy.
This wonderful magazine in French (but with twit-proof instructions thankfully) arrived. It’s by Cinnamon Patch Here is the English translation of her site. I definately want to buy her next magazine.
This was my fav page- love those colours.
The rest of the Autumn things are up now.
It’s my fav season so I seem to have a lot of lovely Autumn things.

Outside though is telling me a different tale.
La Reine Victoria rose is giving another show of blooms.
The Holyhock is still flowering. Can you see the shield beetle nestling in this flower?
In fact a lot of the roses are still out.
Buds are still forming elsewhere.
Fushia is full of flowers.
So is it still Summer
Or should I believe the Honesty and think it’s Autumn?
When you have the Virginia Creeper turning red alongside the flowering Honeysuckle it can be difficult to decide. Perhaps I should just say that this corner of the UK is currently experiencing Sumtumn?

Sorry not much crafting I can show but I am working flat out I promise. 🙂

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