Rigg Wood, Coniston

We got up at 6am. The mists were still rising.
Gathered in some fields on the edge of Martin Mere
Lake Windermere looking across where it is narrow.
And looking South where you can’t see its end.
You can tell it’s Autumn- red virginia creeper over a cottage as we whizz past.
Less verdant greens in the trees with hints of yellows oranges and reds. Beautiful blue sky.
Son on Lake Coniston trying out the new kayak in the mist.
Yum! Blackberries.
Lake Coniston is still -looking North.
A boat house on the opposite bank.
Looking South is Peel Island. Like I’ve said before this is the Wild Cat Island in the Arthur Ransome books. Loads of info in link about the man and his books.
If you look carefully you can see Son on his 1st journey there alone. What an adventure for him.
We though are preparing for breakfast. Yes we do use the hampers.
The clouds make pretty patterns on the mountains.
Heron in flight
Canadian geese
Some boats potter past. Nothing rushes here.
All the children go off to Wild Cat Island together. How wonderful! Daughter has an old school friend with her who is learning to row. Childhood should be filled with adventures like this.
I made a graceful friend.
There wasn’t a single inelegant angle. How Audrey Hepburn!
Look up cries Darling Husband. I do and nearly fall backwards off the end of the pier taking photos of the Canadian Geese right above me.
They all landed in a neat row on the lake. 🙂 How cool is that!
A Wayfarer dinghy went past
And an Enterprise
What beautiful views they must get travelling the length of the Lake.
I think the swan liked the view
It paddled in the water between the boats.
Joining us for meals.
I wanted to call the new boat Swan Beak or Beaky for short as it so resembled its beak.
It hasn’t been approved of though, (we have all been dashing off in different directions all week so no family conference ahead of the trip) so the new boat is still without a name.

I was all ready too with a plastic bottle to knock against her hull (didn’t want to put smashed glass on the shore) in a naming ceremony. Ah well it will be named in time and the name will be just the right one.

Sorry not to have been in Blogland this week. I’ll catch up with visits soon and see all the lovely things you’ve been doing.

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