Canal Makings Churchtown

Hello I’m back with a whole load of catching up everywhere I look. 🙂
Lets slow things down a little and relax for a bit. Got a cuppa? Good we’ll stroll along the canal and look at butterflies such as the Red Admiral above.
The start of blackberries.
Boats chugging softly past.
My fav butterfly the Peacock.
Painted Lady on watermint.
The wheat is ready for harvesting.
Now a little of the things I’ve been making now I can share them. A table centre.
With a pincushion house
Which was inspired by the stitchery on the matchign needlecase
and the red roofed houses on the fabric I lined it with.
A punch needle and applique wooden wall hanging.
A little house quilt where I did my 1st attempt at swirly machine quilting. Straight lines are a lot easier!
Another wooden wallhanging.
Spring cushion wrap.
Now as promised a little trip to Churchtown. 1st the Botanic Garden.
With lavish planted beds.
Purple gorgeousness!
Huge fushia flowers.
Beds of colour.
The Victorian building which houses the museum as well as serving refreshments.
Beautiful day
Formal bed area.
My lawn looks nothing like this.
There is a new comer.
I do have a soft spot for dragons and this one is beautifully carved.
Ice cream stand.
Lace cap hydrangea.
A mural at the bottom of the lake. The faces look alike.
Just outside the main gates to the Botanic Garden stands St Cuthburt’s Church. I’ll spin clockwise so you get an idea about this area.
War Memorial
The Hesketh Arms pub.
Thatched cottage with old lamp outside. Behind it is the driveway to Meols Hall. Pic of it in link.
There are lots of small independant shops down this street.
The Bold Arms pub.

The village now merged with the buildings of North Southport was originally part of Otegrimeles in Saxon times. The lordship was passed to William De Coudrey after the Norman conquest in 1066 A.D. He built the 1st Meols Hall and this area near the church was the centre of the North Meols Parish.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Churchtown just to the North of Southport. Next time I will take you across Wales to New Quay and share a few holiday snaps.

Off to make a start on catching up with you and loading the washing machine again.

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