Last of Lakes

So no craft pics this time. My now recovered camera is packed in the car for a trip to New Quay West Wales. Boy was I relieved when that happened. I would’ve hated trying to get to know how another camera worked. My brain just doesn’t work that way. 🙂
So while the children are sleeping and I wait for the dawn, we’ll pop back to Muncaster Castle. This building lets you learn a lot about the castle via computers and even has a quiz.
I liked the rose growing just outside it.
Pale green hydrangea
This gateway leads to
The terrace. It was laid out in the 1780s but has been renovated since.
Summerhouse. I love how the wooden panels were constructed- so pretty. Couldn’t you just sit and sew here?
The yew and box hedging is Victorian. Doesn’t it resemble the battlements of a castle?
Acer- again rather red but I think this one is meant to be.
View from the terrace of the bridge over the River Esk. Those clouds are still hovering over the top of the track we came here by.
All these photos are by hubby with me pointing. He was very patient.
I loved how the light shone through the lily leaves
and bamboo.
There are acres of gardens to explore.
Old steam engine for farm work.
Muncaster Church.
We just came in via this gate.
Sweet porch.
Inside the glass was very pretty.

These simple shaped angels would be so good to applique.

Looking down the church.
Looking up to the altar.
Very pretty font.
I loved the bottom half of this window with the birds and flowers in.
So that is the end of the Lakes holiday. I’ll be back in October.

When we come back from Wales, I’ll share a quick catch up with local pics of Churchtown and the canal before showing you Wales itself.

Have a lovely creative week,

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