Sue Spargo progress, Across Wales

Apart from the giraffe needing some leaves to eat in his block, I think this next round is ready to sew together. I took these blocks with me down to New Quay but only just finished sewing them as I didn’t have all the Perle 5 colours I needed. I’m not sure what colour for the next and final round in the design. It’s Sue Spargo’s Folklore which Quilty Cat completed a while ago. Any suggestions?
Last night there was a lot of sorting of drawers. This is the pen drawer with a new ice cream liner in plastic backed fabric. All duff pens are gone. :-() Boy did that feel good -a job long overdue. Son and daughter begin school/ 6th form on the 3rd September so we got pencil cases all packed ready too.

Daughter and I went clothes shopping yesterday. It will be her 1st time not having a uniform to wear everyday, and she has been growing so action needed to be taken. I am so glad there are sales still on instead of paying £50 for jeans we picked some up for £12 and a pair in a charity shop. Guess what I actually found a dress which fitted me! Lovely Husband has promised to take me for an evening meal soon so I can wear it. Good job it’s black as I usually manage to get something down me. LOL
There has been some lovely post this week. From Cheryl of Willowberry Designs the bug stitcheries I fell in love with to go on a picnic set. You can’t have a picnic without bugs. 🙂 The lovely lady who shares a birthday with me also sent another gorgeous stitchery of hers. Oooo my fingers itch to start, but more birthday makings call 1st. Check out her cute patterns for yourself at her etsy shop.
Then a wonderful parcel with crow lovliness came from the generous Stephanie of Loft Creations. As well as being a bag design diva she is having a monumental sort out of craft stuff which came from her Mum. Grab yourself a bargain both on her blog site and Etsy Shop.
It’s time to slip across the border now and in to Wales. Most of these are shots from the car so please excuse the poor framing and blurs. I hope you get an idea of the country travelling from the North East corner down to the South West area.
Purple heather
A roadside restaurant and Bed and Breakfast place.
Valleys made pretty in the sunshine.
Relatively unchanged landscapes apart from the electricity pylons.
And the newer wind turbines.
Eisteddfod just to the North od Bala. The now famous pink tent was still up but a lot of the tents were already down. I had heard about this in the news but didn’t think I would have the opportunity to see it for myself even though this was just a glimpse.
Bala itself. A little town with a brill Edinburgh Wool Mill shop which was having a sale. The assistant was so helpful and friendly as I got a lot of tops for daughter on the way back.
Lake Bala -there are a lot of adventure holidays to be had in this area thanks to the Lake. Daughter was here last year for a few days with the North Carolina Interact young people.
The Welsh flag is flying on this dinghy. A red dragon on green and white.
Full stream in a valley.
Then we went through some mountains.
Soil barely covering the rocks.
A trickle of a waterfall.
The lower slopes are good sheep grazing land.
A peek of a lake between the mountains and the winding road we are travelling on.
Near Machynlleth (Ma hun hleth) is the Alternative Energy Centre. I spied this tepee on a slope just nearby. To reach the centre you rise in a lift powered by water. When we lived in Wales we went here to see if there was some renewable technologies we could use as mainline electricity wasn’t reliable on the mountain in Winter. They run all sorts of courses as well as showing you what a green lifestyle is and feeding you from home grown vegetables. Well worth a visit.
Houses by the bridge.
Over the river.
So many views were this pretty.
The road went through many little towns like this one.
Market day.
The water wheel at Talybont
The outskirts of Aberystwyth where the Welsh National Library is stored. Here’s another link about the place.
I did see a whole house like this turret but couldn’t get a photo.
A derelict Welsh long house. This is how people used to live, with their livestock on one side in the Winter and them living on the other.
What a wonderful view it had over the bay looking North.
And the view South. U can see the sea! Anyone else play that game in a car when you were little about who could see the sea first? Next time I’ll show you around Aberaeron.
“Marking the Passing Hours
Showing a particularly pleasant approach to, and surroundings for a sundial. “

Talking of passing hours, is anyone else looking forward to Autumn now? It’s that time when I don’t need to worry about the garden but can settle down to making Christmas presents and snuggly quilts.

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