Back Again

I’m back now from “working hard”, looking after my daughter and a group of her friends up in the Lake District. Time for a big catch up now I’ve caught up on sleep. Replies to emails will follow.
I managed to make this while up there- a 14″ chest size for little lad who was safely born on Thursday.
The back.
Now weren’t we in Liverpool? We’ll head up the hill.
Wellington Rooms built 1815-16, designed by Edmund Aiken former Assembly Rooms,

Now to Paddy’s Wigwam. This time we can go inside.
A little look at the gift shop then up the steps.
The foyer has a display of the history of the building of the Cathedral.
Click to read.
There is also information here.
Lutyens designed the cathedral but work had to stop when only the crypt had only been completed. You can tour the crypt. It was to have been a grand building a lot like St Paul’s in London. Unfortunately after the war prices rose so rapidly that there wasn’t the money available to complete it.
What stands now is a 1960 design born of the desire to have a Catholic cathedral in Liverpool. More money was raised in so many ways by the people themselves to make the idea a reality. See the later poem.

In the heart of the “wigwam” is the altar with chairs all around it for the congregation. Behind those seats to the edges are many little chapels each one having a distinct character to help you pray with a theme e.g. reconciliation. We’ll turn to the right and go around.

The main centre is lit by coloured glass and electric light. It gives a cosy contemplative atmosphere ideal for prayer.
Close up of the sun in glass above the centre.
Looking across the church.
Side chapel.
This poem was very humbling.
Works of art decorated the walls.

Pentecost picture.

The light effects from the glass were beautiful.
Where people were praying in a side chapel, I didn’t take pictures, but there are tours here.
I wish I could describe the atmosphere better. The ring of purple and blue glass was almost like a glass version of Stonehenge. The light they gave was so tranquil. The place felt special which is so rare for a modern building for me.
Carved wood side chapel.
Green painted walls chapel.
Images designed to help you think.
This space was to pray for little ones.

Outside the gardens are well kept.

A little last look around.
Nearby university building. The original cathedral design by Lutyens would’ve fitted this tower inside the dome.

OK now I am finally finally done with all the Liverpool photos so we will pop up to the Midland Hotel in Morcambe now it is done up similar to how it would’ve been in it’s 1930s Art Deco heyday. So get your heels, handbags and hats and we’ll have afternoon tea there next time.

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