Bag and a part 5 LOL

Messy Karen has received her bag now so I can share it with you.
It’s one made straight from my head. Each of the beach huts are pockets.

The straps, top and base are all in a wind break themed stripe.
Clouds at the top
Sand, then a water fabric.
Inside I did another beach hut pocke tinside, and a stripey lining. I was a little slow at getting it to Karen for the beach season, but I am glad the idea made it out of my head and into fabric as it has been loitering there since Christmas! LOL
As some of you know we’ve had guests this week so I’ve been gadding about neglecting this blog and am behind with everything. Right now the car is packed for the latest trip where I am taking a group of my daughter’s friends camping. I’ll keep this quick. 🙂

This post shows some of the things we did. HMS Ramsey was docked at the Albert Dock.

We went in the Maritime Museum. I found the mock up of a below decks boat for emigrants interesting.
Imagine putting everything you thought you would need for a new life in a trunk like this.
You ate slept and stayed below decks -whole families to one storey of a double bunk.
No toilets, no sinks, no baths. Imagine the smell, the noise and the hope that filled an area like this. I think they must’ve had such courage to risk everything for a new life.
This huge poster was blown up from an actual photograph showing people queing waiting to be processed this end. There were all sorts of checks done on the American side of the pond too.
I also took our guests to China Town
Where we were suprisingly given cutlery instead of chopsticks. Food was good though and the service very friendly.
We then went up the hill to the Oratory

It stands on a rocky outcrop with a cemetry below in what feels like a quarry. Very unusual.
It is right by
Liverpool Cathedral. This time I can take you inside.
Map and explanation.

The main doorway at the left of the map.
The main doorway from the inside. “The Well” on the map.
Looking at the wall at the bottom of the map. To the tower entrance.
To the right of the map- the altar area.
The glass was very beautiful.
The Baptistry.
The ceilings were so very high. The stonework arched within each section of this star shape. Everything about this building was so big and tall designed to get over the feeling of how big and awesome God is.
The Refectory (food) was through these doors at the top of the map. There was an indoor cafe leading to

the Welsford Porch where you could also eat. Such a huge archway!
Monument just outside the War Memorial Chapel.
The Holy Family. Click pic below to read about the sculpture.

Chapter House complete with a flying buttress. Top right corner of map. I took so many photos. I hope I managed to give you a flavour of the building. I also took my guests inside “Paddy’s Wigwam” that I showed you last time from the outside only. Next time when I am back I will share that with you.

After that I will do a post inside of the Midland Hotel in Morcambe- do you remember the Art Deco building that was being rescued from a derelict condition to once more be a premier hotel?

And after that there will be a lot of Lake District pics. 🙂

I am so sorry not to have had time to visit you. When I am back, I will grab a huge coffee and spend a day on the computer catching up. You know how it is though when you have lovely friends staying as guests, you want to make their stay as interesting as possible. Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. Hugs.

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