Makings, Morcambe

It was a friend’s surprise 60th yesterday so I made this garland for her and added it to the little things I had already made like the witch doll.
This was posted to my mother for her birthday- a little late as I was camping. Also posted is my Christmas in July parcel. I hope my swap partner likes it.
Verandah Views 7 by Willowberry Designs (Cheryl Goss) is finished.
Welcome back to the now restored Midland Hotel in Morcambe on the North West coast of England. It has starred in an episode of Poirot by Agatha Christie. This side curves inward.
It first opened in 1933 at a cost of £72,000. Oliver Hill was the architect. He was a friend of Lutyens who designed the original (unfinished) Catholic Cathedral of Liverpool. Not only did he design the building itself, but he thought that the contents/internal fittings should be part of the same scheme in total harmony with the exterior including the furnishings. The roof was originally designed for secluded sunbathing but now has new rooms there.
Look left
Look right
Look up -seahorses by Eric Gill.
Look across the road from the Midland Hotel – the old railway station- now re purposed. Here is a poster for the railways advertising the hotel. Click to see the shell spiral shaped gateposts to the car park.
The foyer inside the main entrance. Just look at the flowing curve of the stairs and how it compliments the curve of the building. Can you imagine the dresses which swished down them?
The floor echoing the curve of the doorway.
A mosaic seahorse by Marion Dorn on the floor echoing the ones on the front of the building. She also designed the wavy themed rugs which originally laid here.
Look up and see how the stairs spiral up and up echoing the shell gate posts.
And at the very top
And hear old Triton blow his wreathed horn” again by Eric Gill.
Behind the reception desk is this wall carving from Portland (Dorset) stone. I think it is “Odysseus welcomed from the sea by Nausica”.
Straight ahead from the entrance are doors to the new sun lounge and doors leading towards the sea.
It is rumoured that Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Winston Churchill, Oswald Mosley, and Noel Coward stayed here but the original books are lost so no one knows for sure.
To the right is the restaurant.
But 1st things 1st -it’s been a long journey.
Art Deco looking fittings and decoration.
Right down to the lines on the toilet paper. Let it not be said that I don’t show you the details. LOL
This to me was an odd note- I was expecting to see Eric Ravilious’ mural restored showing seaside themes as this rotunda cafe was for anyone visiting the beach, not just for guests. They did a reconstruction for the Poirot episode, so I think I was expecting the new owners to do the same.
The circular light over the circular bar.
The sea facing part of the Rotunda was far more what i was expecting.
Look at the strong lines of the patio chairs overlooking the bay- so unusual.
Here is the back of the Rotunda and hotel facing the sea. You can see the convex curve of the hotel quite well in this picture.
The whole of the hotel facing the sea. You can see the sun lounge runs the length of the building.
The other side from the Rotunda. The new roof rooms show clearly.
Our afternoon tea will take half an hour to be sorted so we’ll go for a little wander to the little pier.
There are interesting sculptures of birds.
The cafe at the end has a light house on the top.
Geese on the ground.
Love this curve at the end of the pier. It’s beginning to rain so we’ll hurry back.
This is the afternoon tea menu. Imagine the decadence of the Champagne Afternoon Tea!
The top plate is the “Afternoon Tea” for £12.95. For just £5.50 (Cream Tea) you get one of the huge scones below. I think it was far better value for money.
The crockery was perfect for the hotel.
Just look at the size of the clotted cream and strawberry jam they gave us!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this architectural gem. We’re back in the car next and heading for the Lake District. Yes it was me on the rope swing by the lake in the last post. 🙂

We’ve a lot to be thankful for. Last night daughter was kayaking with “Explorers” (older scouts). She capsized struck her head and was trapped under the water for a time. I think someone is certainly watching over us- she came away just feeling dizzy and after a trip to the hospital came home safely. Today she is well enough to spend a day at her new college where she is has been accepted for A’ levels. Thank you Lord.

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