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Yesterday daughter and I went down to Liverpool to see an art exhibition. We got back late in the evening, very footsore. Will share the trip later. Son wanted to get on with a mask idea he had for Art at school, so after a brief rest, I cling-filmed his face, gave him a tube to breathe through and papier mached him. He had to lay still while it dried. We put the fire on to he could “toast” faster for bed. Needless to say it was a late night for him. He wasn’t upset by that at all! LOL

Now this layer is done he will be able to do the upper layers himself hopefully then decorate it.
There has been a book sort out and these are piled ready to load into the car for the charity shop.
Then came videos, dvds and games. There were so many not in boxes that the whole living room floor became a big sorting office. I am so glad that is done as I hate things not being in their right places.
We’ve been searching for a bed for a while and finally found one. They had it in stock at the shop but when it arrived the metal bed head was badly bent,
And the side supports were dented and scratched. A replacement should arrive in 7-10 days. Will share.
Other things have been afoot in the craft room.
Now lets finish the walk around the original Marine Lake. This is the new Marine Bridge. You can see it for miles as the land is so flat here.
Facing it on the town side is this Victorian building now a health club began life as a bath house for people to “take the waters”. Hubby remembers going in here in his youth and there being a small pool inside classically decorated.
I however was more interested in this Victorian carousel.
As we’ve had a long walk, choose a mount. 🙂
Or a seat.

There’s plenty to choose from-Carol here perhaps?
Or something more sedate?
Each one is painted individually
And seems to have their own personality.
I thought we’d walk along the top path above the lake to finish our circular walk. Cyclist sculpture.
The free beautifully tiled Victorian toilets by the pier are all boarded up now so tourists have to use the new metal ones which are all computerised and lock you in, and cost. It’s little things like a free toilet which make people feel more positive about re visiting a place I think. Free parking is a bonus too.
There are many sculptures along the path to comemorate life boat rescues in the area.

One of the shelters which date from the time when Southport was known as “The Riviera of the North”.
The pathway to the bridge which featured last time in the Venetian Nights poster. You can see in this poster how once the bridge led to a colonade and then to the lido.

Photograph taken around 1935 from inside the Lido.
The site is now called Ocean Plazza and has things like a gym, cinema, restaurants and shops.

I remember seeing the run down lido back in my courting days with Lovely Husband peeking through the boarding and thinking it was such a shame that the council had let it get into such a state.

The planting along the path is kept formal and traditional even though it takes more maintaining.
It does look pretty.
Geranium as a bedding plant.
Another of the Grade II Listed shelters. The Listing makes it harder for them to ever be distroyed or altered by the council, but not impossible. The link gives a detailed explanation of this way of protecting a structure in the UK.
Have some closer looks
You don’t see quality ironwork like this often.
My Fav part of the Royal Clifton hotel facing the lake.
It is quite a large building. I can just imagine the people who stayed here in Southport’s heyday, crossing the road to the Marine Lake and rushing through the gardens all in fancy dress, laughing and giggling with friends. I wonder if Southport will ever host another Venetian Night?
I do hope so. Hmm what would I make to wear? Something long perhaps, which would brush against the grass as I ran excitedly to the Lake missing the proper path. What would you wear?

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