Marine Lake

From a 1930s gardening book “Today’s Most Popular Rock Garden. Though not indispensible, pools of water with or without a cascade, add greatly to the attractions of a rock garden.” I’ll try to share more of these illustrations this Summer.
Marine Lake taken from the air. Last time we were exploring the area to the South of the Lake. You can see the long pier stretching over the sand on the left.

The Marine Lake being dug out 1891 photo. It used to be fed by the sea at high tide and the water pumped into the basement of the old Infirmary so sick people could “take the waters”. Can you see the ship moored in the background? This area is land now with a permanent road built on it.
This is a colour camera honest- this is just how the pic of the sculpture at the South end of the Lake came out.
View looking towards Southport town. The Royal Clifton Hotel is in the background. We’ll walk North along the West side of the lake.
View looking North towards the new development.
These steps were designed specifically for the Lake. I could imagine swishing down them in a party dress with a boat waiting.
Royal Clifton and the outline of one of the Grade II Listed shelters.
Weigelia I think
Huge shrubby rose along the minature railway track.
One of the little stations.
The sort of birds you can expect to see.
These families of geese kept a close eyes on their little ones.
Even jumping up onto the shore to make sure they had a chaperone.
I love the old bridge.
It just fits the character of the buildings nearby.
There were regular “Venetian Nights” held on the lake in fancy dress in the 1920s/30s
This is the new bridge recently finished to link the coast road and retail park with the old town. Just in front of it is the pier.
More beautiful roses along the railway.
Under the pier
Under the new bridge
This is another new- a Ramada hotel, but due to the recession I don’t think it has opened fully.
You can see from this picture taken from the other side of the lake that where it stands used to be the Floral Hall Gardens.
At this point there is a 90 degree angle and a new seating area.
You can see the sailing clubs that use the lake.

There are islands on the lake too. This is the view North.
The Prominade- guest houses and homes.

The Old Infirmary I have told you about before.
Sculpture in the seating area which is behind the retail park.
I had no idea this little corner existed.
There was a hedge of this flower.
The local skate park with the pier in the background.
I think these were so pretty but I don’t know their name. Next time we’ll go down the town side of the Lake.

I have been sewing but nothing I can share until they arrive with their new owners. Hopefully next time. I have been doing a lot of de-cluttering -pics next time as this is long enough.

I’ll pop in soon and visit you and see what you’ve been making.

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