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A few of you know just how excited I was when I saw this project on Quilty Cat’s blog. I had to hunt down the designer Sue Spargo and take a look for myself. This wonderful book arrived this week. 🙂 I could’ve bought so many of her books. This is where you now say- “oh yes we’ve known about her for ages.” 🙂
BOM 2 of Verandah Views is finished and BOM 3 begun.
A couple of things need their bindings hand sewn too.
But food needed to be made yesterday so I did 3 cottage pies (2 for the freezer) and a mincemeat cake.
And a couple of quiches. Recipes in links. That should keep the family from starvation. 🙂 I have noticed a few rumblings in the ranks about my lack of cooking. What you you other crafters do? Maybe have the local take away on speed dial? LOL
These are now the photos from my camera of the arboretum picnic in the beginning of May. Sorry it is taking me so long to share all the photos. Believe me there were so so many!
Beautiful blue!
This bee liked the rhodedendrons even if they didn’t have a smell.
A pink edged beauty.
With so many blooms.
Wonderful shade of pink.
This one was even peachy.
There was red too.
This fellow was in the shade of a tree canopy barely visable from the path.

I love the way the sun shines through this rhodedendron.
These flowers are all in this sort of area with grass paths with mature trees and shrubs.

Living willow sculpture. If you break a twig off a willow and put it in the ground the chances are it will take if the soil is damp enough. This was made using longer live lengths woven around one another. When it is established more, the leaves will grow and make a little den for children to explore.
There was an acer part of the arboretum too. I have a real soft spot for Acers having an Acer Senkaki for years before moving here.
So pretty with the daffodils.
Delicate almost painted trumpet in this variety of white daffodil.
My favourite rhodedendron again just because it smells.
Can you see the caterpillar on the Pulmonaria (lung wort)?

Click to read.
Now a few more snaps of the bluebell wood.
Bluebells are short lived flowers so this site is only around for a few weeks in late April-early May.
This year they were earlier than in the past couple of years.
But so pretty.
And peaceful.

The fallen tree on the right undulated through the bluebells like some sort of Chinese dragon.
You walk very slowly, drinking in the smell,
committing it to memory knowing it will be a whole year before nature allows you to share this miracle of life once again.

And you know that next year you will love the sight, just as much as you have the previous year, and the year before that for as long as you can remember.
Next time I’ll take you into town- and prison! LOL You see all the good places with me. 🙂

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