Cushions, Verandah Views BOM, Birthday Picnic

First some makings. These 24″ cushion covers were all finished with double borders front and back.
The backs had a tiny heart decorated square, a narrow blue border and a wide blue and green patterned outer border.
The fronts had a blue square with a narrow tiny heart decorated border and a wide green gingham border. The butterfly panel got the rosebud machine embroidered wide border, and the birds got the bee one.

I stitched the 1st Verandah Views BOM and got on with the 2nd.
I need to catch up fast. In a week number 6 will be issued. 🙂
I have been doing other sewing but I can’t show you until the Giveaway Winners get their parcels. ooo.. no can’t show you those either as they are for birthdays, ….looking around the room, no that’s for Christmas….so that is all for now. I promise I haven’t been idle. 🙂
Lets go back to early May and my friend’s birthday picnic. These pics are from hubby -I was being careful all weekend as Daughter had half filled my camera with her pics and we hadn’t downloaded them before leaving. I actually filled the camera disc up!

The tradition is to meet up under the monkey puzzle tree in Nuneham Courtney Arboretum on the Sunday nearest the 3rd May. But oh!
So we lay our picnic rugs near it. People came and went all day. It was lovely to catch up with old friends all wishing my friend a happy birthday.
The rhodedendrons were all in flower. I wish they smelt as good as they looked.

The peacocks were very interested in our bring and share picnic.

The males displayed to one another making the feathers rattle,
forming a cup shape around the front of the peacock.
This was a 1st for me- seeing a peacock fly! Well I knew in theory that they ought to roost, but it was so weird seeing one actually do it.
Come for a wander around the woods.
Wonderful colours.

The bluebells are still out and make a lovely sight and smell.

If I could paint properly, I would have a bedroom of a bluebell wood mural all around me.
Nooo not obsessing about purples at all. LOL

Beautiful beech tree trunk.
The bluebells stretched as far as I could see.
Here hubby played with the focus on his camera. The top photo shows the bluebell wood and the bottom the rhodedendron. I think life can be like that- focused on the far away or the close to you.

This one I took on his camera being very careful- gothic arches made by the trees echoing through the photo.
This is the one rhodedendron which smelled- like honey. It became my favourite just because of that. I like plants which smell like roses, jasmines, honeysuckles and lavender.

Beautiful colours and shapes.

And back we go to rejoin the picnic.

Redwood tree- beautiful texture and colour.
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the arboretum. I’ll share the pics of it from my camera next time.

Did you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend? Here the sorely neglected garden got blitzed and mostly weeded on the one good day we had. The green wheelie bin is overflowing with prunings and weeds so you can just imagine what a state the garden was in!

I’ll be popping in soon and see what you’ve been doing. 🙂

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