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Welcome to Iffley village. It is now part of south Oxford near the river. This pink house could be the model for a doll house.
You can see from this angle that it is going to have a new neighbour soon- can you see the crane peeking from near it’s roof?

I used to walk past this door a lot on the way to the river and always think of it as a door to a secret garden.

The Prince of Wales pub. It used to be owned by an old man called Tom who served prawn smorgas and a liquid drink straight from the freezer called Aquavit. It looked like water but I think it was a strong schnappes.
This thatched roof cottage was my favourite in the village. I could imagine Miss Marple (character by Agatha Christie) living here. The river is down to the lane to the left, so I used to go past this gem so many times.
Once I remember seeing a trug under the porch and some wellies from where the lady who lived here then had been gardening. The memory stayed with me as it struck me as one of the most loveliest things to do with a warm day.
I love the design of this -a bench either side so you can sit to take off your wellies and under cover in case of sudden rain. I am so happy to have a photo of this precious memory now.
View of the other side of the road with the Post Office at the end of the building furthest away.
I felt like “Cousin It” from the Adams Family, so hubby gave me a haircut. About 8″ 20cms came off. I felt like a sheared sheep! LOL
Snowflake patterned Doc Martin boots- a freebie as daughter had outgrown then having only worn them a couple of times. Yippee! 🙂
Now some makings- applique panels for the centre of a couple of cushions.
and Bees.
BOM 4 of 6 for Lynette Anderson’s Christmas quilt.
I love bright colours so I think it’s a bit like Winter Wonderland gone to the Caribbean. 🙂 Even Santa has bare pink legs instead of striped stockings.
Another wip- I traced all 5 of Willowberry Designs Verandah Views BOM finally. So I will be sewing those soon. Aren’t they sweet. Sorry the pic isn’t very clear. Below is another Wip- a 6-12m coat in the making- sleeve 1 is on the needles. I think that is all I’ve been doing other than sprinkling a lot of poppy seed of all different varieties in the garden.

Lastly I was a tad sneaky last post and entered everyone who left a comment into my 300 Blogpost Giveaway. I didn’t want to advertise the giveaway as I’ve noticed that people suddenly appear from nowhere, want to be entered and then you never see them again. I think it’s fair enough if you have stumbled on to a blog and it happens to be holding a giveaway and it’s a site you will visit again, but otherwise to me it feels like taking and that’s mean.

Anyway I gave everyone a number , and hubby took the numbers from the bowl 11, 15, and 22.
That means that:
Em’s Scrap Bag
Michelle B.
have all won a prize. If you could email me your addresses that would be wonderful -I’ll get your suprise parcels in the post.

Have a wonderful weekend. Here in the UK it’s a Bank Holiday as well as being the start of half term for the children.

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