Last of Lakes, Makings.

Grab a Vienese Whirl and we’ll leave Coniston.
These are all taken from the car so excuse some of the composition.
Farmhouse complex in Monk Coniston.
Views of the mountains as we travel through them to the motorway.

Little farm nestled into the hill.
Over Skelwith Bridge near Ambleside.

Beautiful Spring flowers.
Look at those chimneys!
Modern apartments overlooking Lake Windermere.
More traditional stone faced buildings.
Lake Windermere.
Can you imagine the views from this hotel’s tower?
There were people sitting on the flat roof part of the house. It made me laugh.
Windermere has lots of hotels dating from the C19th onwards.
Once out of Windermere it is rural again.

Farm houses and little hamlets by the winding roads.
One last look at the hills before we get on the motorway.
The speed and architecture are very different. This looks like it should feature in the Men in Black film.
Now for a few more makings- bag dispenser and scented mat for hot pots to sit on so the table doesn’t get ruined.
Some close ups.

Rear of mat.
Front of mat.
“Chook” made by Annie (Flower Garden blog) became the feature of an Oxford pillow (sort with a flat border with the rest stuffed.
Rear of pillow.
The pin wheels left over from the quilt became a co-ordinating pillow.
The tiniest left overs went to make this cup mat.
The garden bunnies were wrapped
and bagged
And given with a small ornamental gourd plant. I couldn’t resisit the Beatrix Potter plant pots with robin saucers.
Ooo I had a scrap of lilac wool so these little booties were made.
Em from Em’s scrap bag sent me a gorgeous green floral FQ which made an appearance in the heart bag from the post below. Thank you Em.
Aims from Big Blue Barn West sent this wonderful package with the warmest cosiest thrummed slippers imaginable made by herself. Pop over to see the things she makes. The generous lady also sent fabrics, some from New Orleans, a NO key fob, and recipe cards, a magazine and a memory box. Thank you so much Aims.
And lastly this postcard came from Ulla in Finland showing a Finnish Easter (thanks for reminding me Ulla) good witch. They have a coffee pot with them. Lovely I think I would like her a lot especially with the coffee. 🙂

I’ve been back home to Oxford this weekend so next time there are pics of Oxfordshire. I hope to catch up with your weekends soon.

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