Pinwheels, GJ 3, S’berry Heart bag, knits, West Bank

The pinwheel quilt is all bound now.
Couple of close ups of fleece sashing and cotton pinwheels and border.

Gardener’s Journal BOM all sewn up in class.

I can’t share the item for the Christmas in July secret swap to go inside either a sack or stocking but I can share this:
Totally inspired by this gorgeous fabric Stephanie of Loft Creations sent me for my birthday last month. Daughter loved it being a huge strawberry fan.
I made a couple of pockets lining one in red and the other in lime green so she could remember what went inside each.
One side of the bag.
And the other. The straps are long enough to go diagonally over daughter’s torso so she can ride her bike to school and use this bag. It has a magnetic fastening.
Some close ups- there are a lot of her fav things like fairy toadstools, multicoloured dots, and of course little strawberries in the fabrics daughter chose for it.

Note the tiny strawberries at the top of the pic below. 🙂

I used the same pattern as the bag I made for Ulla for her birthday, but the fabrics make it look like a different bag entirely.
After a lot of that blanket stitching, I relaxed my hands with this hat and bootie set.
Loved this idea for Easter egg biscuits.
Now back to the Lake- we were headed through Coniston village to the more popular Western side of Lake Coniston. The above car was in the car park. Sorry Annie this was the only pic.
View of the East Bank.
This Newfoundland Dog really enjoyed the water on such a warm day. They have webbed feet for swimming.
Passenger boat.
Dinghy and kayak
The boat hire looks like an old band stand.
I liked the old rowing boats. Can you just picture Ratty from Wind in the Willows in one of these?
We hired one of these one year so the hounds could have a go at boating. They were typically themselves- looked out for a while then got bored and went to sleep on top of the coats and picnic blanket. LOL
The children hired a kayak and went exploring. They came back soaked from swimming too.
This beauty is The Gondola. She is a steam yacht built in 1859. Lots of info in link.
The crew are a very friendly lot of local men.
The figurehead.

Jackdaws (corvus monedula) near where hubby and I sat.
They are a member of the crow family but they have a pale eye with a grey headscarf effect, so they are easy to spot.
Mallard ducks were flying.

And just hanging around peacefully.
Right by son’s drying top. 🙂
Then the jackdaws started having a conference. It looked serious. 🙂
They are clever inventive birds. This one is getting the crumbs from between the picnic bench slats.
The beach area on the West side of Lake Coniston.
View of Coniston Old Man mountain from the car park.

Next time I will share a few pics from the trip back and whatever else I make. I have a list! 🙂
I hope you’ve all been having a great creative week. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.

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