Yellow lap quilt, Peeks Knits, Monk Coniston, Ruskin’s Grave

Hia. I’m hand sewing the binding for this gift quilt today. The sashing as well as the backing are fleece. The pinwheels are cotton.
A couple of Christmas in July peeks.

A little knitted set gift in a very soft chenille type of yarn.

Now for more relaxing stuff. I had this tune in my head when I was at Lake Coniston, just hearing the birds sing and drinking in the fresh smell of nature.
The dew was drying from the grass.
Son borrowed the camera up a tree for this fungus.
This reminded me of a tightrope walker holding a balancing beam.
These were on the underside of a stone in the lake. We put it back quickly. I think they might be fish eggs?

The patterns on the water were so relaxing.
We had a new best friend when the chocolate caramel shortbread came out.
Isn’t he handsome. 🙂
Hubby used his 70-300mm lens to get me this shot across the lake of the boat house. We then drove into Coniston village.
Coniston Church had a suprise for me.
As well as this beautiful ironwork on a side door.

I followed the path round the graveyard.
To find John Ruskin‘s grave. He owned Brantwood House on the East side of the Lake. The link has oodles of details on his life and work and support of the Art and Crafts movement.
See how ornate it is!
Amazing detail.
The other side is more worn.
I darkened these photos to try and share the detail better.
You can just make out his name in this photo.

The whole grave.
And where it is situated in the graveyard.
You can just see the mountain peeping between the shops.

Next time I will show you the activities on the West side of the Lake.

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