Happy Birthday me, Lady Green 2

Happy birthday to me la la la (tuneless wail) 🙂 I’ll begin with a spot of decadence-a rose bath with the full works of rose smellies afterwards. 🙂 Then I’ll start drinking!
Coffee of course! Hubby supplied the best chocs ever- Bendicks Bittermints.
A package arrived from Deb in New Zealand Pink paper for my birthday and yellow as a prize from her blog.
Wow what lovely-nesses from the other side of the world- a retro pavlova recipe tea towel. Hmmm that sounds like a lovely idea. A pukeko themed tea bag rest but I’m sure he is too sweet to have hot tea bags. 🙂 Then there was a lovely set of smellies– body butter, bath salts and soap in passionflower and ecinacea. They smelt gorgeous. And finally a fabulous apron with roses on, my name in bright pink and turquoise flowers. Thank you so much Deb.
Then as if that wasn’t enough, the prize from her blog were 4 reels of 4m ribbons, fabrics, a cute heart quilt pattern (I can practice this needle turning larky with it), and a “peace” heart with hand embroidery.
This little gorgeousness had to wait for daughter to come home from school to open- a heart just for her all strawberry themed and again expertly embroidered with “joy”. Thank you so much Deb she was so thrilled to bits as was I by all your generosity.
Ok time for another drink- pomegranite, blueberry and acai flavour.
Then another coffee with another Bendicks Bittermint 🙂 See Ulla the mats are in use already and look great with the quilt table topper. 🙂
There were a few more flavour smoothies to try with my birthday meal:
cranberry, yumberry and blackcurrant -very fruity
pineapple blueberry and ginger, -has a bit of a kick- quite unusual but nice
pineapple, banana and coconut– just close your eyes and think of the Caribbean
I chose my fav of roast duck, pancakes with a plum sauce and dim sum including prawn toast and a sweet chilli sauce. 🙂
Then inspired by Deb’s tea towel we had Pavlova with fruits of the forest with a lemon cream inner.
Back to Lady Green Nursery
Forsythia flowering in yellow under a gazebo with pussy willow.
Isn’t pussy willow stroke-able?
Mock folly- you can buy the stone to make these pieces. Wonderful idea for the bottom of the garden. 🙂

Natural looking water feature.
I can imagine this with plants covering it, so it makes a little secret nook. 🙂
This eucalyptus gave me an idea:
these look a lot like yo-yos/ Suffolk Puffs. You could make your own floral display with fabric flowers and yo yo foliage.
My fav shade of purple– like Cadbury’s chocolate foil. 🙂
Primroses galore in peach shades
so full of Spring freshness

Tubs and baskets

Or as massed bedding like jewels on the ground.
I’d love a skirt inspired by this flower- sort of floaty with a raspberry red trim.
It looks hand painted
These were like fire embers glowing.
Such a beautiful shade
Tiny daffodils with black grass and dianthus. By arranging things alphabetically, there are some strange companions. 🙂
Yet somehow it works.
I know all good Roman matrons bare a breast, however I felt the poor thing needed a coat on in the English climate. LOL
The sounds of a water fountain are so lovely.
I know I like gargoyles, however these 2 looked too mischievious to bring home. They might give the others ideas!
My fav shade of Christmas cacti– gorgeous bright pink. It shimmered like a satin cloth.

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