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Come and celebrate with me!
Anne Marie gave me a book recommendation and it arrived in the post! I am looking forward to starting this “Kristin Lavransdatter” by Sigrid Undset.
It took several days preparation but finally I have a baby Lavender hedge in place. At the moment it looks as though it is saying “One day I will grow up just like you” to the lavender hedge on the other side of the path. This pic was taken about 9.45am so you can see it does get some sunshine enough to grow.
Now Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the UK. Love the sparkly paper!
Inside was a “Gone ToPot” gardening set. Hmm not sure what daughter was saying about me
Especially as the gloves were dotty too. 🙂 But after what happened with my hands and her prom dress still in progress I think she figured it was worth papmpering them. LOL They smelt wonderful.
Now son’s present. Hmm very large wide bottle?
No a superbly painted tea light lantern full of Spring flowers. Love love it!
Here are some paper flowers on the basket Son gave me for Christmas.
Daughter and I decorated it for Spring.
And put the rabbits I made last year back in.
There was more in the post yesterday from the wonderful Ulla. There are beautiful vintage stickers, chocolate, coffee, strawberry and chicken napkins and presents to unwrap.
Have a close up of this wonderful crow card. I think she knows me so well. 🙂
All unwrapped- oh me oh my- the sweetest pink cup mats ever- perfect with the new pink kitchen theme. Then there was one of her gorgeous hand printed tea towels, a set of tea bags with the most fabulous titles. I can recommend Emperor’s bride so far which is a blend of tea with elderberry and quince. Delicious! And finally- drum roll -a pair of gardening gloves which really fit!
Da da! Oh Ulla they are so comfy and well fitting! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosityin sharing some of the tastes from Finland/Suomi.
I have nothing finished except for my new hedge so here are a few little wips. This is Block 2 of Lynette Anderson’s Christmas quilt I am making as a BOM. I am doing the blanket stitch edging in Perle 5. It needs ironing button eyes some blue thread and the tail putting on the reindeer.
Ooo I probably didn’t show you these, or the others I have upstairs, all sewn. They are for the Gardener’s Journal by Anni Downs as a BOM.
This stitchery is the very last one to sew. 🙂
Ok back toMother’s Day. We were on a lavender plant hunt. This is the 1st part of Lady Green nursery as I went snap happy with the camera.
From the car park.
To this grand entrance way. I wonder if this was once a gatehouse to the big estate nearby?
Inside is a gift shop area. Redoute Roses themed dresser.
A dotty dresser.
Well I never did see anything like this before! 🙂 Pretty!
A coastal themed display.
3ft/1 metre big dragon fly high on a wall.
Mother’s Day baskets
Miniature daffodils
Meet Goliath a pond koi carp
You can see just how big he is! I wonder if the goldfish is called David?
Beautiful colours.
The plants are set out alphabetically which makes life easier.
Beautiful lilac heathers with matching pots.
Heucheras in so many colours!
A type of new Pulmonaria- lung wort yep you guessed it because the spotty leaves looked like lungs according to Medieval herbalists, they would obviously cure lung ailments. Pretty flowers next time.

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