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Guess who came back from the framers? Autumn Crow! He now matches Winter Crow. 🙂 Can you see where I am headed with my crow obsession? Both are painted by the talented blogger Rima Staines. Have you seen her gorgeous Etsy shop? She also makes clocks and some of her sketches are on pottery here.
As a lot of you know, I haven’t been over to see you much this week.
I had a reaction to one of the plants last weekend, so my hands and swollen and blistered fingers weren’t up to much -very frustrating as I had a secret making to do.
Still there was food to eat- lots of green goodies- butterfly prawns in garlic herbs.
Stuffed vine leaves.
Green Thai curry with brown rice. Pure coincidence it was St Patrick’s Day on the 17th.
We found these in the back of a cupboard- tiny choc sponge cakes. 🙂
Now for some wonderfulness. The lovely Stephanie hostess of the Time For Tea Swap sent me a parcel of goodies for my birthday and said I could open them immediately. I was very good though as I was all behind with an important making, so as soon as I could sit down and take my time I opened her parcel.
Oh just look at these carefully chosen marvels! Special embroidered linens she bought in Japan; a huge amount of fabric with cupcakes (I belong to a group called Cup Cake Quilters); and strawberries (strawberry obsessed daughter); a wonderful magazine of inspiration; and as if it wasn’t enough a covered book for me to write my ideas in in one of my fav colour combinations- bright pink and turquoise made with her own fair hands. 🙂 Thank you so much Stephanie you are an utter sweetie. 🙂 I haven’t drunk the tea in the tea bag card yet- it is so pretty.

Now as I can’t show you my secret makings, I’ll show you what I was doing yesterday. These 2 panels have “needle turning” on them. My 1st attempt. Usually I grab the “heat and bond” and iron them on, then blanket stitch my applique pieces, so this was very new for me.
It’s a wip- 2nd class to finish it off in April.
This is Block 2 of Gardener’s Journal BOM by Anni Downs. I have 2 more stitcheries to finish for it, then I can do more lap projects in the evening.

This afternoon is the Christmas BOM Block 2. 🙂 It is such fun to make. I’ll share next time. It’s Mother’s Day in the UK tomorrow, so I’ll share that too. Have a lovely weekend.

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