Dress Wip, Garden overhaul, River Walk

I’m using the above vintage threads on this special prom dress for daughter. Here is the front halter neck part all sewn and lined in a lighter lilac satin.
This is the centre back panel. The little rouleau loops are cut 2.5cm wide on the cross sewn at 6mm, trimmed and turned. I made a few metre length laces too. These ones will cross and recross threaded through the loops to make a decorative back to the dress. I couldn’t find a pattern which did this so I made up my own.
In the garden the striped crocuses are out.
The pale pink flowering currant.
So that meant time to “Spring Clean” the garden. This shows work in progress- the top left corner has had 2 trees taken out and 2 shrubs severely trimmed. The previous owner put all these in for an instant garden effect little thinking about how they would all grow and no one would be able to enter this part of the garden. Yes it really was that densely planted!
So 4 conifers and a huge hazel were dug out, and I could see soil. I am thinking about a lavender hedge on that side now to match the one in the foreground. I don’t think you can ever have too much of a good thing. 🙂
This strange leech like critter was under a rubber door mat. Anyone know anything about them- very unusual here?
Now for a lovely afternoon in 13C 55F weather. We parked the car at Rufford Marina
Just opposite the church.
Hubby has his camera too- Angel in her place by my side waiting patiently as I aim and click.
We walk over a train level crossing.
Then over this bridge

I tried to capture the sound of the skylark. It is so high up in the sky, you have to really try to see it’s dot, so the video is just to listen too. It was a bit breezy so turn your sound up.
We then walked under this damp bridge. Note the water levels and how you see the edges of the middle pillars.
We walk along the man made embankment to the sides of the River Douglas. Without this, these flat fields would be the flood plain.
In these trees hides Rufford Hall- I took you all there late Summer I think.
2 of the hounds with Rufford Church spire on the horizon. The dark edges to the river show how high it has been.
This part was so quiet- no traffic noise at all. Sandpipers and oyster catchers flew over repeatedly.
Anyone know what this strange flower is growing in the dam’s banks? It’s the size of a cob corn (maize) husk.
Canadian geese
Ducks landing.

Then we came across this structure. A gnome house?
No a pumping house for the water levels. But wouldn’t it be fun if it were a gnome house. 🙂
A field of onions drying in the sun.
Such an array of stone colours on this bridge. We went over and walked back along the opposite bank.
This whole area was “moss” a local word for bog, so the area is threaded with drainage sditches like this one.
Pilewort- lesser celandine. Called Pile wort as it was meant to help with piles because the tuber is the same shape. Good old Medieval medicine! LOL
A willow all cracked but still beautiful.
A huge totally ceramic bath iin a field for cattle to drink from I think. Personally I think it should be in my bathroom with me wallowing in it reading a good book. 🙂
This huge fungus was a big as a dinner plate. It was a blackish green on the top.
It was high on this willow tree.
Love days like this -some warmth in the sun. Hopefully we will have a good Summer this year.

On the way back under that bridge we had a shock. The water levels were up by a couple of feet. It nearly reached the top of our wellingtons (so glad I insisted we all wore them now) so we went slowly. Son was hampered a little by the number of washed up balls he had found- over 10. I think he is a little like a red setter dog. 🙂

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