Ethel, Eggs, RAK, Tea Swap

Suzie of Little Busy Bee is responsible for this creation hitting my head and waking me at 5am. She has been showing a fantastic collection of unusual pincushions. I had to write this idea down before I forgot it. The pins make the bubbles of her bath.
I have called it Ethel and her Tea. I did wonder if at one stage she would be Doris the Lush swigging a bottle in the bath but her face was far too serene. LOL She finally got made last night.
These were a spot of fun. I made one in Patched Pumpkin, and the rest in the evenings. They all have an Easter bunny, a chick and a couple of flowers blanket stitched on.
I do like rainbow bright colours. I think my Time For Tea Swap partner guessed this- more later.

These are what I sent my secret swap partner in the Time For Tea swap hosted by the wonderful Stephanie.
Here is my parcel to the name I was given. I tried to give her an English afternoon tea experience.
An apron from a French design which can wrap totally around you. I have made a few of these in our kitchen as they adapt for everyone.
A hairband for wearing with the apron when cooking, resting on a Kath Kidson bag. I thought the bag would be good to carry the picnic in. I added a cd of 1930s music as she likes the fabrics from that era, to sort of set the scene.
Also in the parcel were a hairband, stripey set of oven gloves and a tea towel, a wooden spoon and recipes for various English scones, so my secret partner can make them herself. I added a ceramic teabag holder/spoon rest with Tower Bridge, London on, just the one jam- not the 3 pictured due to weight, some mini organic chocolate, laminates of my rose photographs,and finally a tablecloth and napkins. My idea was that she can have roses and an English afternoon tea regardless of the weather.
She liked de-caf tea so I sent these in bright colours.
These are close ups of the tablecloth edge I tried to create a rainbow of colour.

Teapot in a corner.

Jug in a corner.

Sugar bowl in a corner.
I did a plate of cakes in this corner but you can only see a little of it on the right.
The napkins waiting to be blanket stitched. I hope you have a lot of fun with your friends re-creating an English afternoon tea.
Remember these RAKs?
This went to Stephanie as a thank you for organising the tea swap. She put me onto Earl grey Cream tea a while ago. I found an Earl Grey Vanilla which is similar so I sent her a few, knowing what her taste was. She too received some laminate rose mats, a Buckingham Palace teabag/spoon holder, choc powders, tea towel and some lavender laundry products.
2 Like this went to Ulla and Eileen as a thank you for their Summer Stash Challenge of last year. So that is all my secret parcels.

Now lookie what arrived today for me from Jackie for the Time For Tea Secret Swap!
Love the colours!

Inside was this cute cup and tea pot set in beautiful bright colours.
Teas I have never tried! Beautiful bright pens and the cutest card ever!

This is awesome- a specially printed label showing that it was made as part of a tea swap.
Now this is just the backing fabric. Can you imgine how excited I was by now?
And this is the front! Gorgeousness of colour!
Have a closer look at the quilted teapot shapes in the border.
The quilted flowers with lovely buttons in the corners.
The quilted twisted shape on the black dotty inner border.
The quilted steam over the centre panel of Kaffe Fassett wonderful teapots.
What a work of Art!
I had to hang it immediately in my kitchen on the old range chimney breast.
So that is all the excitement here. Sorry this is a bit pic heavy but what wonderfulnesses.

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