Spring cleaning kitchen love + more

Don’t these polyanthus just sum up Spring?
Unfortunately that also means spring cleaning, so the carpets got done. Before on the right and after on the left. I can’t believe they got so mucky since December. Mind you 3 dogs and 2 children…..
I found I was so out of love with my kitchen that drastic measures were called for. I added a drop of geranium essential oil to the cleaner and got to work on all the cupboards.
I treated myself to a set of pink plastic bits for the newly clean drawers. Others will be lined in pretty wallpaper. I have a pink sink! 🙂
They go with the birdhouse peg bag.
And the new bin goes with my fav duster. 🙂

While going around with more chemicals on my hands than is needed for the average bomb, I had a few thoughts (other than don’t clap!):
cleaning makes a room feel better especially if you do it with a nice smell.
using up the dregs of chemicals in your cupboard feels good as you get rid of them for more environmentally friendly products.
curtains: could make new ones of applique a detail to smarten up old ones.
crystals or a bowl of water on the window sill will make pretty patterns on the walls.
scented candle burning something like vanilla when baking cakes would be lovely.
de-clutter: chipped glasses and crockery should go as they are a danger and health hazard.
simplify: do I really need so many little gizmos in a drawer for “someday”?
add a pot plant of your fav cooking herb- mine is basil, see below.
So maybe now I can love my little kitchen a little?
Talking of love, I’ve finished the rest of the Valentine Kit I should’ve done on Valentine’s Day. You would not believe how wonderful the clove scented hot plate mat smells! 🙂
The heart notice board is up.
The bag dispenser all appliqued.
The bookmark stitched.
So I am about here right now playing with polyester crepe backed satin for a prom dress.
I did have a go at making bread. In our house when I make bread it is known as “Dwarf Bread” thanks to the Terry Pratchett books. The theory as he explained it, is that dwarves can march for weeks on end with nothing but dwarf bread in their bags. “Oh how nutritious” you may think. But no, the stuff is that tough it breaks jaws and teeth so the dwarves march on hoping that something edible will turn up. I’m sooo good at making dwarf bread. 🙂
Ooo other goings on- a traditional old fashioned sweetie shop in town.
It had a lovely atmosphere.
I couldn’t resist the Yorkshire Assortment.
Spring angels were in another window
TK Max had a wonderful display of Eastery things.
Such sweet faces! I bet you love them M Kate being a rabbit loving person. 🙂
Couldn’t you just imagine a quilt from these houses or a frieze round a little girl’s bedroom?
Pretty lid it reminded me of the good witch in the Wizard of Oz with it’s sparkley wonderfulness.
Eggs galore. I have been busy with those too but they aren’t finished and I want to share them in their full explosion of colour. You have been warned. Anyway surely it’s cheaper to buy sunglasses in the Winter?
More bunnies.
The wonderful Stephanie organiser of the Time For Tea Swap sent this lovely tea holder and guess what it is pink too! Do you think she is a mind reader? You can read “She had a curious sense” and see the pic of clotted cream and scones in the above pic. Totally perfect for me. Thank you so much Stephanie.

Now this is last of all. It’s a quilt top on it’s way to Australia where Willowberry designs will quilt it and finish it and get it to a victim of the Australian bush fires some of whom have lost everything. It was one I was given to go to a good cause, only the cause didn’t happen until now, so off it went today. Thank you so much for being willing to put in all that effort to finish it Cheryl. P.S. Your Veranda Views stitcheries are gorgeous and on my To Do List. Click on the links if you have a flimsy you want to donate.

It very nearly didn’t go when lovely husband misread the lbs on the scales for kgs and looked up the price on the royal mail website! England is still very divided between imperial and metric measurements even though we were supposed to make the change in 1971. Ah well I can swim metres and walk miles, drink litres of orange and pints of milk. LOL It’s no wonder I go around confused.

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