Spring Flowers, Ruff Wood, Diglake Farm

I had to share these gorgeous crocuses with rain drops on in my fav shade of purple.
Crocus looking in.
Mini iris
Iris bud
Rain drops on irises.
Slightly blurred but you get the idea.

Iris clump
Phormium clump at Ormskirk Hospital. We were there returning the crutches that son borrowed way back in ahem…. September Now there are a couple of reasons for the delay in returning them- 1 we don’t go to Ormskirk very often and 2 we were half expecting son to need them again.
You might see why we thought this later.

Listen to this wonderful song from the August Rush film. I keep finding myself humming it.

Come to Ruff Wood with my camera. Buds are starting on the trees and hedges.
Daffodils are peeping.
Even bluebells are getting their strength up to bloom in May.
A little crocus clump has started already.
The former hedge now overgrown into a tree, has a hole in it’s centre. It is probably from where it managed to grow around something many many years ago.
Interesting shapes.
And moss colours.
Can you see an elephant’s curled trunk?
Spot the son.
Holly making an interestign texture.
The same with ivy.
You can have a rest and just breathe in the atmosphere.
The tree looked like it was waving.
Aren’t the patterns branches make amazing?
I’d like to live just here right next door to the wood please. 🙂
2 very different trunks which made me want to run my fingers over them- stripes and dots! LOL

Can you see a rabbit sitting up made from the bottom half of this trunk?
Lychen arch.
Knobbly texture.
Spot son again. You can see why we thought he might’ve needed crutches again before now. 🙂
Now come to Diglake Farm to pick up some fresh vegetables.

Cauliflower, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and behind me are carrots, more cabbage, lettuce, etc.
These are what I wanted to show you -onions dried and on a string. Some are striped with red onions.
Here’s the owner fresh from the field holding up a beautiful bunch. They last longer like this. I now have a bunch hanging on a hook in the kitchen. 🙂

Today is Angel hound’s 10th birthday. Next post I’ll share it (will be making doggy liver cake -her fav- when I finish this) next time. I’ll also tell you her story and why she is the bravest dog I have ever known. I’ll also share what I’ve been making. Hopefully by then, I’ll have finished the bucket basket I’m currently making.

I hope to pop in soon and see what you are all up to. Sorry I am still way behind on emails.

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