Boms, Double Drawstring Bag, Ruff Wood

At last I’ve been able to sew at Patched Pumpkin. Block 1 all stitched for a Christmas quilt by Lynette Anderson
Gardener’s Journal by Anni Downs Block A sewn together finally with Moda’s Fabulous Fall range of fabrics.
Having not been well for so long, gave me the opportunity to get ahead with the stitcheries for it.
The one I’m currently working on.

How do you fancy making a double drawstring bag?
Sew 3 sides of a lining and main fabric, but leave a turning gap on one of the lining sides.
With right sides together sew the lining to the main fabric.
Turn through the hole you left in the lining. Sew hole up, and sew casing for the drawstrings.
Make sure your chosen ribbon/string can easily fit between the 2 rows of stitching. Cut the stitching in the main fabric at the 2 side seams.
Thread a ribbon/string through from each side going all the way round and knot the ends.
When you pull the knotted ends it should bunch nicely.
This bag is for the delicate lace shawl I had for Christmas. I didn’t want to risk pulling a thread in it when it is in my bag over the Summer. You know how the evenings can get chilly quickly so I wanted to be prepared.
It fits just right and the 2 ends can tie into a bow.
These arrived from a new Etsy seller called Lucky Frog. She knits and sews- please have a look. They are ideal- my group at Patched Pumpkin are called Cup Cake Quilters so these were a “must have”. My bag was getting worse than a boy’s pockets with the bitty bits I needed for classes. 🙂
Can I bribe you to come for a walk to Ruff Wood with some hot cross buns and warm rolls?
Toasted scones and malt loaf then?
We go across a footpath that divides 2 fields to Ruff Wood. Precious in black with son, Angel in red.
It’s quite overcast. These pics are all by daughter practicing with hubby’s camera. You get mine another day.
Nearby church.
Loved this one- like a creature wrapped around the trunk.
Fluff was smiling.
Angel looked like she was dancing.
Pretty patterns.
Could it be a crocodile?
Window in the sky.
Heart nearly.
This tree was covered in these.
The outer path -it will be like a tunnel when the leaves come.
An old glass bottle (Victorian?) half buried in an old hedgerow.
Ooo a guest appearance by Compo our budgie. He is very tame. I keep trying to whistle Mozart at him but he seems to like to sing along to the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. LOL

Next time my pics from Ruff Wood and the garden.

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